Advanced Reference Sheet, Terrain Chits

Personal Shards Square LogoThere are a number of really useful player aids, but two of the most frequently requested come from Tim Bancroft (now a Warlorder). These are the Advanced Quick Reference – without a background – and terrain chits.  As ever with Personal Shards, these are fan creations, but do download them for your own use. We’ve also added a link to the official Advanced Quick Reference – slightly different, but we’ll leave you to use whichever suits you best!

Tim says: ‘The chits are meant to be printed out and cut out onto card:  they’re useful for events and tournaments where players might noto be aware of what a particular piece of terrain is. The Advanced Rules Ref has almost everything you’ll need for a game bar the special rules, but I’ve whizzed through plenty of games with it and haven’t had to refer to the main rules once.’

There is a nicely laid-out, official Advanced rules Reference that we’ve reference here for convenience.  For a full range of game aids, errata and FAQs, try Rules Central.


Advanced Rules Reference
Personal Shard
Rules Ref 2.0
(without background)
Personal Shard
Terrain Chits
Antares Advanced Rules Summary_v2