Algoryn AI Assault Squads

AI Assault Squad & Assault Command

Combat Level: Tactical

Where: Antares Rulebook.

AI Assault troops have a clear tactical role: close assault. Whilst their command squads have the advanced plasma carbine with its mixed rapid fire and single-shot modes, the standard Assault troops have a mag repeater to lay down a hail of fire as they close. The most potent weapon for all the AI assault troops is the Distort Spinner (D-spinner) projector, a backpack mounted device that feeds a forearm mounted launch rack in some ways similar to a X-sling. And, like all Algoryn troops, the squad is tough and equipped with reflex armour.

The D-spinners combine a defensive distort generator with an offensive plasma shell launcher. The distort generator creates a distortion field that makes it difficult for the enemy to close, increasing the effectiveness of the trooper’s defences, whilst the plasma shells erupt when they strike a target in the same fashion as grenades. As a result, the D-Spinner can be used to either boost the trooper’s own defenses or, in an enhanced plasma shell mode, can be used to boost the effectiveness (SV) of their own attacks.

The Assault Command squad also includes an X-sling on the Commander with the option for special ammunition – the high impact Overload or the suppressing SlingNet – and can also take a medi-drone. Given the nature of algoryn formations, the Army Lists reflect this in insisting that an Assault Command is taken if more than one assault squad is needed in a force.

Though able to take on Ghar suits in hand-to-hand combat, in practice, even the AI Assault squads need to ensure that Ghar Assault squads have pins before they assault. Nonetheless, the command squad, with its SV2 carbines, can be particularly effective against the small, Ghar squads. Against almost any other faction, Algoryn assault troops of any type are likely to overcome their opponents in close combat – the notable exception being Boromite lavamites.

Trooper Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
AI Assault Commander with plasma carbine, X-sling, reflex armour, D-spinner 5 5 5 6(7) 7 9 Command, Follow, Leader 2
AI Assault Command Trooper with plasma carbine, reflex armour, D-spinner 5 5 5 6(7) 7 8 n/a
AI Assault Leader with mag repeater, D-spinner, reflex armour 5 5 5 6(7) 7 8 Leader
AI Assault Trooper with mag repeater, D-spinner, reflex armour 5 5 5 6(7) 7 8 n/a

Assault squads in store

The Algoryn assault squads are available in squad packs for the command and regular troops.

Algoryn Assault SquadAlgoryn Assault Squad|

Algoryn AI Asszault Command
Algoryn Assault Command