Algoryn AI Avenger Attack Skimmer

AI Avenger Attack Skimmer

Intruder skimmers scout ahead of a heavier Striker attack skimmer

Combat Level: Support

Where: Antares Rulebook

The Avenger Attacker Skimmer is one of the most feared support weapons in the Algoryn arsenal. Tough, highly capable and having a deadly array of weapon options, it draws attention – or instills fear – whenever it appears on the field.

Though classed as a ‘lightly built two man fighting machine’, supposedly designed
for raids and support use, it is ideally designed as a strike weapon in light units or as a support weapon in heavier units. Like the smaller and lighter Intruder it is buoyed upon suspensors that carry it easily over most ground surfaces and employs pulse thrusters for sustained forward momentum.

The skimmer are tough, with a composite skin and reflex armour for the machine and the crew.  Being MOD2, they can move far in a single turn, or can move as fast as infantry can run and still shoot.

The weapon options are impressive. The base weapon is the mag light support, a rapid-firing X- weapon like other mag weapons, but with heavier slugs. The mag cannon option is one of the two most often seen, the skimmer platform being useful to rapidly move into position and fire on opposing heavy units – the projectile itself being designed to defeat heavily armoured targets and release a mass‐sensitised disruptor field that inverts and crushes local space.

A spotter buddy drone is an important addition if taking a mag cannon, though less so with the mag light support weapons. A batter drone, however, can help protect the Avenger even more, making it difficult to hit in the first place – never mind about its Res 11, heavy armour!

The main use of the Avenger is as a heavily armoured, mobile support base. It can accompany running infantry and still lay down covering fire, or can be used as mobile protection for the slower, heavy combat skimmers.  It’s size means it can shoot over smaller figures, so is useful as a protecting against combat drones or skimmers – though, toe-to-toe, it is likely to come off worse against a much heavier and more heavily armed combat drone like the M4.

Avenger Skimmer (Vehicle Unit) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Attack Skimmer with Mag Light Support* 5 5 5 11 7 8 MOD2, Large
* or Twin Mag Light Support or Mag Cannon. The Avenger can also be upgraded with a HL Booster which increases its Res to 12.

Intruders navigate a narrow defile followed by an Avenger Strike skimmer

Avengers in Spearhead Formations

The Avengers are often key components of an Algoryn Spearhead formation. Spearhead formations come in a variety of guises, depending on purpose, and whilst one variant includes the hard-hitting Hazard troops, another is adapted to be scouting-focussed. The Spearhead Formation is an alternate list in the PDF army lists and in the Chryseis Shard.

In store

The avenger skimmer can be bought separately, as part of a complete Spearhead scout formation (or AI Intruder Strike Force) or as part of a Hazard Drop force.