Algoryn Armoured Infantry (AI) Squad

Armoured Infantry (AI) Squad

Combat Level: Tactical

Where: Antares Rulebook.

The AI Infantry are the backbone of the Algoryn Armoured Infantry, recruited predominantly from amongst the Vector leger, the military caste of the Algoryn. Whilst members of the Founder leger perform background tasks, they are still trained and raised as militia and form a huge resource of troops the Vector formations can call upon when needed.

The well-trained, tough AI squads are equipped with Reflex armour and mag guns, the weapons have a good reach and more resilient on the battlefield. Their squad options (available in the plastic kit) make them as tough as Concord troopers in most situations and often more flexible! Indeed, their flexibility and adaptability is their main advantage, able to take upgrades to vary the weapons in the squad including multiple mag repeaters for a hail of fire or micro X-launchers and powerful Overload ammo for the X-launchers and leader’s X-sling to provide overhead support.

The basic squad stats are similar to all Algoryn Infantry troopers.

Trooper Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
AI Leader with mag pistol, X-sling, reflex armour 5 5 5 6(7) 7 8 Leader
AI Trooper with mag gun or micro-X launcher, reflex armour 5 5 5 6(7) 7 8 n/a

The basic squad has the squad leader equipped with an X-sling and mag pistol, though they can be upgraded to take a mag repeater or mag gun like the rest of the squad. One trooper is a grenadier, armed with a micro-X launcher, able to shoot overhead. From here, the squad can be tailored: another trooper can be equipped with the micro-X or mag repeater, or the existing grenadier can be given a mag gun or micro-X. In addition, all the mag-rail (X-) equipped troopers can be given the punchy Overload ammo or the suppressive SlingNet, making the squad arguably one of the most flexible in the game!

A video of the squad is below and we also have a more in-depth painting-and-modelling article on the plastic sprue.


Warlorder Josh whips up the first set for the Warlord Games HQ store.

AI in store

The AI are available in metal and plastic. The plastic sprues contain 5 Algoryn AI Troopers and a spotter drone, and all the options available for a single squad – Mag Guns for all, 2 Mag Repeaters, 1 Mag Pistol for the squad leader, and 2 micro-X launchers. The sprues also feature a torso that can be placed on the hip ball socket for increased dynamic poses.

View Plastic AI Infantry in store  

Algoryn metal Ai Squad
Algoryn Metal AI squad