Algoryn Command Squad

Algoryn Command Squad

<em>Algoryn Command Squad</em>Combat Level: Tactical

Where: Antares Rulebook

AI field commanders are exemplary battlefield tacticians, leading and directing the AI right from wherever needed.  The commander is defended by a bodyguard of veterans equipped with plasma carbines. Though effective, the carbine is outside the Algoryn normal approach to battlefield resiliency but the effect is to enable a sudden burst of effective firepower at the right time.

On the table, a key use of the command squad is their sudden burst of firepower just when needed and in their ability to lead a nearby squads forward at once using their ‘Follow’ order. The plasma carbines may have a slightly shorter range than the AI’s normal mag gun, but it’s penetration is better – able to put a pin on Ghar suits, for example – and it also has a scatter mode useful against lighter infantry such as Ghar Outcasts. In many ways, the squad is as tough as the ‘gold standard’ of the IMTel nations – the C3 Strike or Isorian Phase squads – and can be more resilient in many situations, including hand-to-hand combat.

AI Commanders have slightly different stats to the normal AI Trooper, though their bodyguard are similar.

Trooper Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
AI Commander with plasma carbine, X-sling, reflex armour 5 5 5 6(7) 7 9 Command, Follow, Leader 2
AI Trooper with plasma carbine, reflex armour 5 5 5 6(7) 7 8 n/a

Command means nearby units can use the commander’s higher Co stat, whilst Follow allows the commander to order nearby units to act with him – the range of this function is extended by the optional synchroniser drone. For the X-Sling, the commander can be given the punchy Overload ammo or the suppressive SlingNet and the squad can be given a spotter and a medi-drone (which come in the plastic set – the medi-drone is a very useful squad upgrade!).

AI Command in store

The AI command squad is available as a plastic set comprising 5 plastic miniatures and 2 drones, a medi-drone and a spotter.