Algoryn Drop Fortress

Sarissa Precision created a range of terrain for Antares. Here is an overview of one of the more ambitious – an Algoryn hostile planet command hub: the Algoryn Drop Fortress.

AG06 Algoryn Drop Fortress

Every planetary drop in a capsule is a risk for the troopers inside, a risk of it going off course, getting damaged or being completely destroyed by hostile fire. Aeons of experience in warfare has allowed the Algoryn to advance their technology resulting in the development of the Drop Fortress. This is contained in four compactor drop capsules that, upon landing, reconfigure themselves, expand and connect to become one large fortress. The Algoryn can then use the internal transmat in relative safety to deploy from orbit into the prepared defensive structure and dominate the battlefield.

Algoryn Drop Fortress B
Drop Fortress with figures for scale

A large central hub is connected with three smaller bastions, via two small and one long walkways which are protected with a large kinetic shield. Each bastion has an outlook on the top for guards to challenge any threat that dares to try and take the base. The roofs of each bastion and main hub are easily removable to show brutal close combat.

With the doors in the open position there are clear fields of fire through the building and although it seems like it may block your view of the battlefield you’d be surprised how the angles allow for more lines of sight than you’d expect.

Algoryn Drop Fortress C

Development renders

Algoryn Drop Fortress Render

During the development process great care was taken by Sarissa to include extra details in the design, including internal transmat pads and cool details to give the exterior a a definitive Algoryn shape – more than you might expect from flat MDF and card. It can also be stacked one on top of another to create a commanding tower objective.


Algoryn Drop Fortress D

The drop fortress is available in the webstore.