Algoryn Liberator

Liberator Combat Skimmer

Algoryn Liberator X06 Plasma Destroyer

Combat Level: Strategic

Where: Antares Rulebook

The Algoryn Liberator is the standard combat skimmer to be found in the arsenal of the Algoryn Armoured Infantry forces. It has undergone numerous design improvements over many decades of service and has evolved into an efficient, effective and extremely reliable machine.

It has a fully enclosed composite skin and, like other Algoryn skimmers, has a fixed emission hyperlight envelope with individual hyperlight cells for the crew. The crew themselves help make the machine as reliable as a Concord combat drone, controlling it at three levels: monitor, at which the machine operates itself; shard, at which the crew and machine operate as a single mental entity; and fully manual, in which the skimmer’s high functions are disabled leaving the crew in control. It is suspensored, with pulse thrusters, enabling a reasonable turn of speed despite its size compared with equivalent Concord units.

Although the Liberator can be controlled from any of its crew positions, if all crew should be incapacitated it can fight on as a drone. If its combat shard should be compromised it will take whatever measures are required to protect its crew.

It has numerous weapon options, the X06 Plasma Destroyer being the closest to the Concord’s M4 type combat drone. The most reliable version in Algoryn service is the X01 Hi-Mag which comes in a variety of mag weapon options: the secondary mag light support being common to all. In the Hi-Mag version, the weapon turret can be fitted with either a mag light support, twin mag light support or mag cannon.  The X10 special can be fitted with the fractal or compression cannon for special operations.

In use, the Liberator is the first call on combat skimmers as its armour and weaponry makeg it an extremely resilient and mobile weapons platform. The only enemy it has particular concerns about are the close combat specialists (Boromite lavamites, for example) and heavier combat skimmers. Whilst potentially vulnerable to mag cannon or plasma cannon, it can still put up solid resistance to such light support weapons. Many find the twin mag light support version or mag cannon version makes for a highly cost-effective vehicle.

Vehicle Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Liberator Combat Skimmer 5 6 1 13 8 8 MOD2, Large
Armament Two weapon points capable of carrying a variety of support armaments. Mag light support and mag cannon: X01 Hi‐Mag Mk IV.
Additional Data Self‐Repair facility (optional). Optional spotter, batter and shield buddy drones.

Rocky’s War Room put together a really great video showing how to magnetise the Liberator’s weapons (this is an off-sight link so beware on leaving the IMTel!).

In-store options

This is currently available as a finely detailed resin and metal kit in the Plasma Destroyer variant, with additional weapon packs to support the other options, such as the Hi-Mag variant (mag cannon or twin mag light support with additional mag light support) and the special weapons, with compression and fractal cannons.

X10 special weapons pack
X10 special weapons pack

X01 Hi Mag Weapons pack
X01 Hi Mag Weapons pack

Algoryn Liberator with full Weapon Options

The deal below supports the X01 Hi-Mag, X06 and X10 special, with all the weapon options for each.

Liberator with full Weapon Options
Liberator with full Weapon Options

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