Andrew Martin’s Drifting Lotus Isorians

Andrew Martin is a connoisseur of Isorians and has a great paint job, to boot. Here he gives us a favourite list, a lethal core,
his force’s background and some great photos of a colourful Isorian force!

The Drifting Lotus Isorians

Andrew’s Drifting Lotus army

Isorians utilise a semi-organic nanosphere, one that was corrupted – or cross-pollinated – by the Tsan  during the Tsan Kiri wars. This simple fact gives an Isorian army a fantastic opportunity to use a wide range of colours inspired by nature. Andrew Martin’s look as if they were inspired by the brilliant pinks of camellias or rhododendrons – but, of course, they are far more potent than foliage!

Andrew: The 193rd Division of the Isorian Army is known throughout the Senatex by their unofficial title ‘the Drifting Lotus’, which has been a moniker attached to them nearly since their inception many thousands of years ago. As befits such an ancient and distinguished Division, they have always been commanded by NuHu of the Thol bloodline, descended from one of the legendary Five Sons. Despite their longstanding status, they are far from a ceremonial guard, always taking on campaigns in the more distant and dangerous conflicts assigned by the ImTel.

Currently the Drifting Lotus are commanded by the NuHu Rahma Devataa Shal Thol, who, unlike many NuHu commanders, prefers to lead her troops from the front of the battle, riding inside of a Tograh transport drone, charging forth at the right moment at the fore of a Tsan Ra Torus squad, and showing enemies of the Senatex the true power of the ImTel with a great swarm of nano drones called down from her stave.

Also of note is Field Commander Al’Vaan Jaark, who was promoted from Squad Leader following his heroic stand, single handedly holding the line against waves of Freeborn Ferals of House Rewydt, and winning one of the decisive battles in the secret Transit Wars of Gallus Tertiarus.

Most recently the 193rd Division has been deployed to the newly rediscovered planet Ryhns, where intelligence collected from ancient drones revealed the existence of an abundance of Builder technology, though they have already encountered the ancient threat of the Virai. Additionally, forces from the Concord, Algoryn Prosperate, Ghar Empire, and even the Guilds of the Boromites seem to be converging on the world. However, it is of little concern to Rahma and the Drifting Lotus, they trust in the ImTel for their overwhelming victory in the coming war!

Andre Martin's Drifting Lotus Isorian troopers
Drifting Lotus troopers defend a transmat

The Drifting Lotus Army List

As do we all, Andrew has a favourite list, but also has a core combination he likes using which adds a massive punch and a great deal of flexibility.

A lethal, core combination

Andrew also admitted to liking a particular combination of NuHu, bodyguards and a transport that is expensive, totalling 461 points, but can be particularly effective. In this list subset, the hand-to-hand capabilities of the Torus squad complement the range capabilities of the transporter and NuHU – and the transport protects them all!

NuHu Senatexis Shal Thol: NuHu with nano drone, 2×gun drones, 1×medi drone, 2×shield drones, 1×spotter drone (208pts – Tactical).

Tsan Ra Torus Squad: 1×Leader, 2×Trooper with a 1 spotter drone (107pts – Tactical).

Tograh MV2 Transporter Drone: Transport with plasma light support, spotter drone (146pts – Support/Strategic).

Andrew Martin's Drifting Lotus Isorian NuHu
The Drifting Lotus’ NuHu, escort and transport

Drifting Lotus at 1000 points

A successful 1000-point army using the core complement is as follows:

Shal Thol’s Core Complement – as above (461 points – 2 × Tactical, 1 × Support/Strategic)

Phase Squad: Strike Leader plus  6×Phase Trooper, plasma lance, and spotter drone (165 points – Tactical)

Tsan Ra Phase Squad: Tsan Leader plus  2×Tsan Troopers with plasma grenades and spotter drone (109 points – Tactical)

Phase Sniper: Phase Sniper with cano drone and Leader 2 (76 points – Support)

Nhamak SC Light Support Drone: 1×Nhamak with batter drone and spotter drone (89 points – Support)

Senatex Support Team: 3×crew, X-launcher with all special munitions and spotter drone (80 points – Support)

Targeter Probe Shard: 4 × targeter probes (20 points – Auxiliary)

More detail on the Isorians is available on the Isorian army page here on the Nexus and the Isorians can be found in store.