Andy Singleton’s Freeborn Domari

Andy Singleton’s Freeborn Domari

Early on in the release of the figures, Volley Fire Painting Studio’s brushmaster, Andy Singleton, not only collected Concord force (as shown off in this article) but also the forces of the Freeborn. Given this was 2015, the figures he had were the original, metal cloaked domari squad rather than the plastics now available, but we thought it still worth showing them as inspiration.

A Quick Overview: The Freeborn are the traders, raiders, explorers and the ultimate go-betweens of Antarean space. The Freeborn are divided into hundreds of independent space-borne Vardos, each ruled over by a noble family. These rulers are the first amongst an aristocracy that vies for power, riches and influence within their own society as well as amongst the multitudinous civilisations around them. Troops such as the domari are a general levy of the Freeborn houses, or domas, the crew and serving populace who are trained to militia level, at least. For more details see the Nexus’ Freeborn Faction page.Andy Singleton Freeborn ScenicAndy: I decided I initially wanted my Freeborn to be a part of my Concord force, and as such wanted to go for a colour scheme that in some way linked to them. As my Concord have pale blue green armour I didn’t want to directly repeat that, so I did these with a dark metallic blue.

Andy Singleton Domari 1To contrast the blue, they have a dull yellow tone for their weapons to give a utilitarian feel, and the capes are again a dull colour, although I thought it’d be fun to have some lighting effects from the energy fields incorporated into them. Warpaint being cool, these cheeky chaps and chapesses needed to have some too!

Andy Singleton Freeborn Domari 2

These figures were an absolute blast to paint, and I really think they will be expanded into a full army, as just these 6 have an awesome presence on the shelf, so an entire army with gubbins, characters and all the varied units the Freeborn get will be truly striking. Saying that I’ve had a few thoughts on Ghar Battlesuits recently, and also the Isorians have me pondering some broody and menacing colour schemes. Then there are the Algoryn, and the Boromites….

For a closer look at Andy’s Freeborn, take a look at his blog (link goes offsite)