Antares Day 2019

Antares Games Day – 30th March 2019

Lenton Business Centre, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 2BD.

No more tickets available!

The Interface Wars

Antares Day 2019The reappearance of the Dronescourge is causing chaos on Antares. Their scavenging is spreading south: no longer are the Virai a problem confined to the interface between the PanHuman Concord and the Isorian Senatex. Now their depredations threaten the Algoryn Prosperate and the wider Determinate.

And now the Ghar have intervened, using the Virai to spread destruction amongst their human foes. The Virai have no master plan; they are merely following the line of least resistance. They do not care that the Ghar are deliberately sacrificing older vessels as carriers to spread the Dronescourge into more panhuman systems. And neither do the Virai care that the Ghar then send in their armies to purge the weakened planets of panhumanity. But the Ghar have found the Virai are harder to control than they realised.

All along the Determinate interfaces, panhumanity is fighting for survival against the Ghar, the Virai, and frequently other factions in the same straits as themselves.

The Interface Wars have begun; only you can decide who wins.

Faction League Games Day

The games day is a themed Antares Faction tournament in which the most successful faction wins the day. A variety of scenarios and only two army lists of 750 and 1250 points. Players have been told the scenarios and chosen lists, ,and we’ll share teh scenarios and result later. No one knows the three scenarios in which they will play, so careful choice of lists has been key!

Registration opens from 09:00 and prize-giving for best player, best-painted army and painting competition at 18:00.

There will be a chance to buy Antares mugs in the shop, attendees can also purchase Antares Event polo shirts.

Warlord staff will be on hand to talk Antares and game designer Mr Rick Priestley will be around to talk to – be careful of his tactical advice!

Players are advised to bring their own food and drink but there are shops nearby.

Event will be on the 30th of March 2019 at Warlord HQ: Warlord Games HQ, Lenton Boulevard, Nottingham, UK, NG7 2BD

Tickets are £10 and are available here


As of 27th March, ticket sales were closed so wwe could finalise games. the final, pre-league score is as below, including list bonus points scored as well as a painting point (for photos sent in!). What’s wonderful is that the attendance has shaped the narrative, that the Interface Wars are closer to the Concord terminator than the Isorian, and that it impacts a fair degree of Algoryn space. Given that since Xilos, Algor does not trust the Concord (Tar Es Janar now in exile and Ess Ma Rahq dominating the council),  the battle is really between the two military nations with the Boromites forcing the Virai and Ghar away from their own stakeholdings and the Freeborn and Privateers Salvageers, as ever, grabbing the opportunity for some interesting loot – err, trade items.

Interface Wars 2019 Antares Day Factions
Interface Wars 2019 Antares Day Per-League score
Interface Wars 2019 Antares Day Factions
Interface Wars 2019 Antares Day Factions