Asha LaGrange, Misgenic Mercenary

Asha LaGrange, Freeborn Misgenic Mercenary

Personal ShardsNicholas Wagner is well-known in the Facebook IMTel page for making his own models and alien races for Antares.  One is a Freeborn Mercenary who has been the result of some severe misgenic experiments. We’ll leave it to Nick…

Captured by a rival house, young Asha was given to their NuHu to experiment upon.  One of the rare success stories, the treatment did indeed go as planned and increased her intelligence – by increasing the volume of her brain twenty fold.

This also had the fect of increasing her body size to compensate.  Now measuring 4.5 meters (15ft – about 1 yan) tall and weighing over 900 KG (2000 lbs, or 1 Ton) Asha was not only gifted with vast intelligence, but also with strength and durability beyond what a mere increase in her size would grant.

With her newfound intelligence, Asha quickly raised her bond price despite her captors trying everything they could under Freeborn Law to prevent her from doing so.  Free, yet finding herself unwelcome at her old house, Asha developed plans for building the richest, most powerful Freeborn House, but needs capital.  Wishing to be beholding to no investors, she decided to raise it herself by working as a mercenary.

Asha uses a custom Plasma Carbine the size of a man she has crafted from a plasma light support weapon with choice bits from a plasma cannon giving it a fire mode of each. Reflex enhancers in her armor allow her to move and react with almost machine like speed. Combined with the toughness and strength allowed her by her size and the nano-material reinforcements the NuHu implanted, she is almost as tough as a combat drone.

Asha LaGrange, Misgenic Freeborn Merc (Strategic,229pts) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Asha LaGrange with Plasma Cannon with Coaxial Plasma Light Support, Reflex Armor, Impact Cloak 5 6 8 10(11) 5 8 Large, Humungous Beast, MOD2, 1 Attack SV2, Unique, Limited Choice
Spotter Buddy Drone (Spotter reroll, Patch Sighting)
Batter Buddy Drone (Batter field)

Large, Humungous Beast, MOD2, 1 Attack SV2, Unique and Limited Choice are as in the rulebook and supplements (1 attack at SV2 in H2H)

Asha LaGrange Weapon Range
Custom Plasma cannon Effective Long Extreme Strike Value Special
Plasma Cannon mode 30 50 80 6 Support Weapon, Coaxial, PBS (PLS)
Plasma Light Support mode 30 50 80 3 Support Weapon, Coaxial, PBS (PLS)

Coaxial: Cannot fire Plasma Cannon and Plasma Light Support at the same time.
PBS: The Plasma Light Support can be used in Point Blank Shooting.