Boromite Engineers

Boromite Engineer Squad

Boromite engineers with their auto-workshop and vorpal charges

Combat Level: Auxiliary

Where: Core Rulebook

The engineers main role will be to make sure the auto workshop is functioning at its highest capacity (which is also included in this bot set!) This is a compact mobile workshop to maintain, repair and sometimes to modify all kinds of nano‐based technologies including weaponry, vehicles and other machines. The workshop generates a cloud of constructive nano‐drones that can set to work upon damaged or failing machinery instantly, melding with its own structural suspensor integrity drones to diagnose and repair.

The Vorpal Charges they are often provided with are used by Boromites as part of their mining operations, and sometimes deployed against their luckless enemies. Three Vorpal charges are included with the Engineers Squad. The vorpal charges are fairly random in move and direction after the first turn, but if they run into any model, they force an Agility test on the model otherwise it is swallowed whole…!

A key element of the Engineer team is the auto-workshop that accompanies them. This mobile drone automatically repairs nearby machinery, in game terms potentially removing a pin from nearby vehicle squads or other squads that have machines or weapons it can repair (see p.120 in the Antares rulebook).

Boromite Engineer Squad (Infantry) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
2-3 x Engineers with reflex armour and auto‐workshop 4 5 6 6(7) 6 9 n/a

Upgrades: The engineers can be equipped with plasma pistols and either lectro lashes or tractor mauls for close-in fighting or engineering. They can also be given grenades and a spotter, borer or batter drone – the latter two buddy drones presumably to protect them whilst ‘working’.

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