Boromite Rockfather & Overseer

Boromite Rockfather & Overseer squads

Boromite Overseer with a Tractor Maul

Combat Level: Tactical

Where: Core Rulebook

The Rock Father and Overseer are important males in Boromite society, leading small work parties or clans. If necessary, they will lead these to war – though war is more properly the Rock Father’s job. The Boromite Clan mercenary list (see Battle for Xilos) insists on having either of these or the Rock Rider Overseer squad, though all are optional in the normal Boromite forces.

Whilst the Guild Mothers decide if their clan needs to move on or divide, or if a contract is acceptable, or whether (and how) transgressors should be punished, it is the leading male clan chiefs who make the decisions and organise the Boromites for combat. These are the Rock Fathers. Although in theory the Rock Fathers take precedence over the clan’s Guild Mother during war, in practice it would be a very courageous Rock Father who acted against her wishes – the matriarchs expect their menfolk to advise them and take control of fighting forces on their behalf, but not to defy them! To model this, a force can either contain a Matriarch or a Rock Father, but not both at the same time.

Defiance from a rock Father does sometimes happen and, in extreme cases, whole cohorts of rogue males can find themselves ejected from their clans and forced to make new lives for themselves elsewhere. Such groups, bereft of the strong morale guidance of a Guildess, all too often turn to piracy, banditry and other criminal behaviour.

The overseers have a less exalted role within the guilds, being organisers of the workforce beneath them.

The Rock Father squad is accompanied by a pair of shield drones for protection and can take two more, as well as a synchroniser drone. The Rock Father himself is an inspirational leader, able to invoke feats of heroism in others nearby. This is represented by his hero trait – rare amongst leaders, let alone Boromites – which allows those within 10″ to use his Initiative. The Overseer can be upgraded with a spotter, synchroniser and grenades but lacks the drones that otherwise accompany the Rock Father.

Rockfather (Infantry Command) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Rock Father with reflex armour (optional plasma carbine – recommended! – and either lectro lash or tractor maul) 4 6 6 6(7) 8 10 Command, Follow, Hero, Leader 3
2-4 x Gangers (Rock Father bodyguard) with plasma carbine, reflex armour 4 6 6 6(7) 6 9 n/a
Overseer with plasma carbine, reflex armour (optional lectro lash or tractor maul) 4 5 6 6(7) 6 10 Command, Follow, Leader 2
2-4 x Gangers (Overseer bodyguard) with plasma carbine, reflex armour 4 5 6 6(7) 6 9 n/a

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