Boromite Weapon Teams

Boromite Light & Heavy Support Weapon Teams

Boromite Mag Light Support and Gang Fighters

Combat Level: Support, Strategic

Where: Core rulebook

Given their focus on work and mining, it may seem surprising that the Boromites have access to such a wide range of support weapons. But it is precisely that core ethos that gives them such access: Boromites are to be found in every Antarean society and have very close relations with the Freeborn.

The Boromites are not above turning any tool into a weapon; and the Freeborn, of course, can provide anything for a price…

A big benefit to Boromite forces is the number of support options they can put on the table. Whilst these are sometimes filled with mobile Locomite riders, the number of potential support weapon teams is often tempting. The weapons (or mining equipment) most often used is:

X-Launcher. A portable magnetic launcher that hurls explosive missiles, bombs, or special munitions packages, such as Arc, Blur, Scramble, and Scoot. Their regular explosive ammunition resists full compression due to the charge, so they can be bulky but are excellent for lobbing shots onto fixed targets. The bombs themselves are usually guided either by internal sensors or by means of mobile targeting probes.

Mag Cannon A long-barrelled weapon with multiple internal rails that generate a very powerful pulse to deliver a single shot at incredible velocity. The ammunition is designed to defeat heavily armoured targets and release a mass-sensitised disruptor field that inverts and crushes local space: targets are unlikely to survive. The Heavy Mag Cannon is the heavier version of the Mag Cannon with a little more penetration.

X-howitzer is a vast, multiple magnetic rail artillery pieces that shoot explosive bombs or a wide range special munitions. They are the largest kinds of launchers and sturdily constructed to withstand the high velocities generated by their launch rails. X-howitzers are often crew served weapons but can be vehicle mounted in the form of mobile artillery.  The mag mortar is a similar weapon geared towards a heavier load but at a much shorter range than the X-howitzer.

The Mag Light Support (MLS) is another mag weapon like the cannon above that propels multiple spikes, needles, slivers or plugs fed by an inbuilt compression field which is capable of carrying thousands of rounds. The Boromite MLS has been assembled from a number of other mag weapons placed into a single frame…

Heavy Frag Borer

Frag Borers, classed as a light support weapon, is a fractal‐type weapon adapted from rock cutting machinery. It utilises molecular resonance to break apart solid material and is similar in construction and function to a fractal cannon. In contrast to the fractal cannon, it is calibrated to work at much closer ranges – primarily to tunnel through and break apart rock. In the hand of Boromites it is equally effective at breaking apart their enemies.

Off-site: Matt Schreiber unboxes the Heavy Frag Borer.

Other light support weapons used by the Boromites include specialist teams using the Concord’s plasma light support and plasma cannon.

The heavy support weapons include the mag heavy support – a heavier version of the MLS  – and the heavy frag borer, a more powerful version of the frag borer.

We have a narrative article covering the Boromite weapons in general here.

Boromite Support Teams in store

Support options currently available (click image to go to store) include the following with some individual crew members available singly. Some of the weapons could be Algoryn in origin.

Boromite MLS

Boromite Mag Cannon
Mag Cannon Team
Boromite X-launcher

503012011 Boromite Specialist Support Team with Plasma Cannon
Boromite Specialist Support Team with Plasma Cannon

Boromite Specialist Support team with plasma light support
Boromite Specialist Support team with plasma light support

Boromite Support Team with Frag Borer
Boromite Support Team with Frag Borer
Strategic Options currently available

(including a sample separate crewman)

Boromite Heavy Mag Cannon
Heavy Mag Cannon

Boromite Heavy Frag Borer
Heavy Frag Borer

Mag Mortar
Mag Mortar

Boromite Heavy Mag Support
Mag Heavy Support

Boromite Mag LS Crew Member
One of several crew members available separately

Boromite X-Howitzer