Boromite Work Gang

Boromite Work Gang

Work Gang with Mass Compactors

Combat Level: Tactical

Where: Core Rulebook

Boromite Work Gangs are armed with Mass Compactors, which are extremely powerful at short ranges and, given that they are used for asteroid mining, they easily cut through any cover an enemy is sheltering behind.

The Work gangs are typically equipped with mass compactors or heavy tractor mauls, both normally used in mining or in clearance operations. The mass compactor is relatively short ranged, but has an SV (strength) that increases the closer the ganger is to its (normally his) target whilst the heavy tractor maul is a workface tool, tearing chunks of rock and stone away from the face – or from opponents.

Sometimes, the work gangs are equipped with reflex armour or reflex plates embedded into their hide as well as the dangerous implosion grenades. Very often, a borer drone acompanies the squad, its multiple suspensor arrays able to boost even a Boromite’s substantial strength and capable of throwing up cover around the squad in a moment.

They can also be equipped with vorpal charges, matter/anti-matter containment vessels used for drilling holes through solid rock – and perhaps through enemies, as well. The vorpal charges are random, once released, but are a great way of controlling a battlefield.

Work Gang (Infantry) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Gang Leader with mag pistol and heavy tractor maul or mass compactor 4 5 6 6 6 9 Leader
Ganger with heavy tractor maul or mass compactor 4 5 6 6 6 9 n/a

Work gangs in store

In addition to the two types of work gang, borer drones and vorpal charges can also be useful additions.


Work Gang with Heavy Tractor Mauls