C3 Drone Commander

C3 Drone Commander

Combat Level: Tactical

Where: Chryseis Shard, p.68

In addition to their Strike and Drop Commanders, the C3 also deploy drone commanders, weapon drones that have complete command systems, if carrying no weapons themselves. These can be deployed as Tactical options on their own or as part of a  drone unit, and can even take a separate, nano probe net shard for extneding their command radius. The commander can be accompanied by two C3D1 drones with plasma light support weapons and a cloud of buddy drones including spotter, batter, shield and a synchroniser drone.

The IMTel does not favour human or machine intelligence when it comes to selecting the most effective commanders. Fully sentient machines are just as much part of the Concord Combined Command (C3) as its human or alien components. While some command drones are machines of the highest degree of sentient intelligence, others are transitioned humans whose experiences and human perspective make them valuable in their own way. Such transitions affect a human mind considerably, and over time it becomes impossible to distinguish between a transitioned human and a pure machine intelligence.

The nano-probe net consists of four nano-probes as a sharded unit that emit a dense nanite network through which the drone commander can channel its sensors. The probes must maintain a tight formation if they are to continue to count as a net but when they are functional, they extend the command range of Drone Commanders to include all friendly units within 10” of any nano-probe in the nano-probe net (full rules on page 68-69 in the supplement ‘The Chryseis Shard‘).

Weapon Drone Command Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Drone Commander 7 6 1 8 8 9 Command, Follow, Leader
0-2 C3D1 Light Support Drone with plasma light support 7 6 1 8 8 8


The Drone Commander cna be taken as an individual unit or as part of an all-drone force.