C3 Drop Squads and Command

Concord Drop Troops

A C3 Drop Squad lands on a new planet

Combat Level: Tactical

Where: Core Rulebook

If the C3 Strike squad is the core of the C3 forces, the Drop Squads and their command element are its hard-hitting elite, a highly-trained group deployed as a separate, coherent contingent with their own command squads.  The drop squads are equipped with hyperlight armour and plasma carbines, like the Strike Squads, but not only always have a trooper armed with plasma lance but sometimes have two such troopers. Further, every member in a Drop squad is fitted with an AG Chute and those with carbines, underslung X-slings.

AG Chutes offer multiple benefits. First off, they enable orbital insertion into a battlefield during deployment (see The Chryseis Shard, ‘Drop Forces’, p.89). Secondly, they increase the wearer’s agility, given them a bonus when sprinting or crossing terrain and also help them leap across terrain that would otherwise be impenetrable as if suspensored vehicles. Lastly, it increases their speed so that they can take a long bounce over the ground and make an Advance move at 10″ yet still shoot.

This latter capability is what makes them key. Such fast-moving troops add a considerable tactical edge to Concord forces on the table top, enabling them to move as fast as many vehicles and still shoot. What helps even more is that the squad can take multiple plasma lances, giving their shooting agains tmultiple targets or against smaller vehicles additional impact.

We should not forget the X-Sling most troopers carry. Whilst the commander or leader can take the suppressive SlingNet, it is the fact that every X-Sling can be used in both point blank shooting or in hand-to-hand to launch micro-grenades, each causing D3 blast hits.  Such a multiplier makes the Drop Squads a natural selection for critical assaults.

Drop Command

The C3 Drop Command squad is armed similarly to the strike command squad with the Drop troop’s AG chute and underslung X-Sling, and the leader has enhanced special attributes to reflect his abilities. The squad has veteran troopers who are more accurate than normal squads.

Given that drop troops are assigned to their own formations in the C3, a Drop Squad can only be taken if a Drop Command Squad is also taken. Given the potency of the drop troops, however, the presence of at least two drop squads in a force makes it a highly potent army!

Drop troop stats

Trooper Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Drop Commander with Plasma Carbine, X-Sling, AG Chute and hyperlight armour 5(6) 6 5 5(7) 7 9 Leader 2, Command, Follow
Drop Trooper (Command) with Plasma Carbine and underslung X-Sling, AG Chute and hyperlight armour 5(6) 6 5 5(7) 7 8 n/a
Drop Leader with Plasma Carbine, X-Sling, AG Chute and hyperlight armour 5(6) 5 5 5(7) 7 8 Leader
Drop Trooper with Plasma Carbine and underslung X-Sling or Plasma Lance with hyperlight armour and AG Chute 5(6) 5 5 5(7) 7 8 n/a

Command, Follow and Leader are in the core rulebook.

The Drop and Command squads can be given up to extra troopers, a spotter drone and/or synchroniser drone, as well as plasma grenades. The Drop Leader or Commander can be given SlingNet ammo for the X-sling and have a Leader upgrade. The Command squad can also be given a medi-drone.

In store

C3 Drop Squads and Command are available in metal in the store, either as squad packs or as separate drop troopers.

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