C3 Krasz Assault Squads

C3 Krasz Assault Troops

Combat Level: Tactical

Where: The Dronescourge Returns

Krasz Comparison
Krasz height comparison with baseline panhumans

Whilst the Strike Squads form the core of the Concord Combined Command’s (C3) armed forces, and the Drop squads provide a rapid-moving options, such squads are predominantly comprised of average-sized panhumans: Vyess, for example, or other panhuman morphs could be found amongst them. Whilst all C3 squads are amongst the best equipped in Antarean space, the smaller panhumans can sometimes suffer with respect to close-in, hand-to-hand fighting such as that found in boarding actions. The PanHuman Concord, however, is inclusive and welcomes all panhumans into its ranks. So, for assault situations, a more diversified and larger panhuman morph called the Krasz are used.

The Krasz are an ancient and distinct panhuman species, aggressive, and with a history of close combat – a history that undoubtedly shaped their evolution. Unlike the Boromites, the exact date of their origin is unknown, but they are believed to be the descendents of settlers who spread during the Second Age and who were lost completely during the short Third Age.

The exact drivers for their development are unknown, though reasonable conjectures abound. Their extreme strength suggests a heavy-world adaptation. However, their size, agility and lack of originality also suggests a selection process that could match the needs of a rigid, primitive society beset by dangers that meant it was forced to rely on strong, but disciplined warriors. In short, only the best and strongest warriors were able to survive – and only if they cooperated with others and were not slowed down by excessive bulk. Their society is naturally inward-focused, but highly supportive, the Krasz preferring their own company to that of others – with the possible exception of Boromites who can cope with their rather physical sense of humour.

During previous ages they were key components of a coherent military presence on settled worlds. However, with the collapses and re-establishment of gates, the settled systems that were once in close proximity to each other have been spread throughout Antarean space and now the majority of the Krasz worlds are within the areas dominated by the Concord. From the perspective of the IMTel, this makes them the perfect assault trooper: a panhuman species who is predisposed towards the chaos of close assaults, disciplined shock troops able to largely make up for the tendency of C3 forces to remain at a distance – a perfect fit for the IMTel’s desire to match each panhuman species to their ideal role.

Krasz also tend to be wilful and not as quick to react as normal panhumans, but are highly potent adversaries in their normal role.

Like the C3 drop troopers, the Krasz carry a plasma carbine, with an integral X-sling, wear Concord-standard hyperlight armour adapted for their form,and are often accompanied by small buddy drones like the C3 Strike Squads. One trooper can also take the plasma lance, normally reserved for Breaching. The weapons of the Krasz are larger than normal and deliberately built to be balanced for the Krasz and use in hand-to-hand assaults.

Krasz Assault troop stats

Assault Trooper (Infantry) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Kraasz Assault Leader with Plasma Carbine, X-Sling and hyperlight armour 5 5 7 6(8) 6 8 Leader, Assault Weapon
3-6 Krasz Assault Troopers with Plasma Carbine with integral X-sling* and hyperlight armour 5 5 7 6(8) 6 8 Assault Weapon

Command, Follow and Leader are in the core rulebook.

Assault Weapon: The Krasz weapons are specifically built for use in hand-to-hand. Their plasma lance and plasma carbine have 1 Attack SV2 in hand-to-hand.

* One Trooper in a squad can be upgraded to carry a plasma lance.

The assault squads can be given a spotter drone and/or synchroniser drone, as well as plasma grenades. The Squad Leader can be given SlingNet ammo for the X-sling and have a Leader upgrade.

In store

Krasz assault squads are available in a squad pack in store.502213003 C3 Krasz Assault Squad box front