C3M407 Close Support Drone

Concord & Freeborn C3M407CS

Combat Level: Strategic

Where: Chryseis Shard, p.65

Based on the renowned M400 chassis, the C3M407CS is a variation specifically designed for close support – an area in which the powerful drones sometimes struggle. Like others in the M4 series, pPowerful kinetic shields protect the drone all round and reactive generators adjust shield strength as required, making the drone capable of resisting all but the heaviest – or luckiest – attacks. As with other skimmers, the M407 is carried upon a powerful suspensor bed for lift, basic manoeuvring and low speed propulsion, augmented by reaction thrusters.

Since its introduction, the M407 gained a reputation for its adaptability and its capability. Concord Strike and Drop formations alike quickly became delighted at its appearance in support, not just due to its forward plasma light support weapon – which many M4’s carry – but primarily because of its dual turret which can support another pair of plasma light support weapons or dual mag repeaters. The resulting hail of fire quickly suppresses enemy infantry units and the PLS is the light support weapon of choice for all the advanced IMTel factions, useful even against light vehicles.

Like others in its class, the M407 CS is accompanied by a spotter buddy drone as standard equipment, though in this case it is more useful acting as a forward observer for rearward overhead launchers in static positions. And also like its brethren, the drone can take a much-appreciated pair of batter drones and a pair of shield drones for personal defense. This makes it an extremely useful and deadly, close-assault support drone, whether in all-drone forces or in mixed infantry- and drone- formations. Of course, the Freeborn also have access to the C3M407CS, their fabrication plants and vast networks of trading connections providing access to as many weapons and pieces of equipment as they need!

In both forces, the M407 is a strategic choice, however, so the table commander has a difficult decision: should a more offensive unit be chosen or is a close-assault specialist required? Normally, this will depend on the opponent and the potential weaknesses in the Concord<>Opponent match-up. The triple plasma light support variant, however, may not be too useful in assaults, but is a very effective, and mobile, close support unit.

We have an in-depth article that goes through the Concord weapon systems in more detail.

Combat Drone (Vehicle) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
M407CS type Close Support Drone with
2 x twinned plasma carbines and
1 x plasma light support*
5 6 1 13 8 8 MOD2, Large

MOD: Multiple order dice (2 in this case) – the drone acts twice in a turn.
Large: Draw Line Of Sight (LOS) over the top of friendly units (can engage the enemy from behind an infantry screen) but cannot benefit from cover and cannot enter some terrain or buildings.

*Upgrades: One or both twinned plasma carbine turrets can be upgrade to plasma light support turrets. Doing so results in the vehicle potentially suffering from plasma fade (the vehicle goes Down on a roll of a ’10’) and upgrading both turrets to PLS may result in a critical plasma fade (the vehicle goes Down and suffers a pin).

Assembly Instructions

The raw PDF files containing the assembly instructions can be found here.

In store

The M407CS is available for both the Concord and Freeborn forces (click on the image to go to the webstore).
M407CS Box Front