Community: Carl Evan’s DiamondBack Alpha C3

Carl Previously gave us his C3M407 Close Support Drone as a  Here, he runs through the force’s background and how to paint it!


Personal ShardsThe Diamondbacks are a strike force made up entirely of drone units, these units having served together for many hundreds of years and have a great deal of experience and esprit de corps. The Diamondbacks have earned their name by being desert warfare specialists, their distinctive camouflage mimicking the rattlesnakes of ancient terra.  The force is currently assigned to planet 2152 in search of builder technology and the destruction of any hostile targets that may get in their way.

Typically, the Diamondbacks deploy from a transmat ready for a new mission, with the heavier vehicles rapidly deployed via hyperlight envelope. The force consists of 5 * C3D1 light support drones, 1 *  C3D2 medium support drone with a plasma cannon a C3M4 combat drone and a C3M407 close support drone. When assisted with targeter probes this force is fast and deadly with its plasma based firepower.

Painting the DiamondBacks

First stage was to prime with chaos black and then a base coat of Vallejo sand yellow using an airbrush.  Once dry I then use blu-tac to create a pattern across the whole model.

Carl Evans 1 Painting - Blue Tac

Next I added the first layer of camo with the airbrush, the colour was Vallejo dark earth.

Carl Evans 2 Painting - Dark EarthOnce dry I then create a new pattern over the first and add a layer of vallejo military green.

Carl Evans 4 Painting - After Green

Once the camo is done I then start picking out the details, grey for the weapons, red for the lenses and blue for the areas I want to have a plasma glow.

Carl Evans Painting 5 - Basic Details

The next stage is to ink all of the lines and shaded areas to add some definition. I then add a highlight to the bottom right of the lenses and a dot of white to the top left (middle).

The last stage is to hand paint the highlights to the plasma weapons and engines and add a glow to the nearby areas, the colours used are vallejo Dark prussia blue, Andrea blue, Sky blue and white. I’ve shown the M4 next to the DiamondBacks M407 to show the final effect!