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Georg Malter's Algoryn Command Group
Algoryn Command Group

A number of Algoryn armies have appeared on the Warlord Forums and Facebook Group and we’ve were so impressed we asked the artists to let them show them off. The Algoryn paint schemes vary widely, soem due to specific actions  in war – and we’ll add more as they come to light!

In the universe of Beyond the Gates of Antares, there are no ‘set’ or even ‘standard’ paint schemes – the universe is incredibly vast and varied – so even Boromites come in a vast variety of skin colours depending upon their location and circumstance. Armies of Antares might be brightly coloured if they operate in a vibrant environment, whereas others might perhaps be more blandly coloured in dull colours if it provides better camouflage.  The same goes for the Algoryn: whilst there may be an official unit colour and the armour itself is chameleon-like, many revert to that of a favoured action when they do not specifically need the camouflage.

So the possibilities are nearly endless and we’ve drawn-together just some of our favourite Algoryn paint schemes that have cropped-up among the community so far. There are so many worth seeing that, this time, a gallery is called for: click on the images to expand them.

Community Algoryn Showcase articles

In addition to these, we have to recommend George Malter’s article he submitted on his Algoryn which you will find on the Nexus – his excellent command group is above.

Matt Houghton also submitted an article for us – do check it out.

An overview of one of Peter Harrison’s Algoryn is below, but he also produced a fantastic ‘How to Paint’ video, showing you exactly how to recreate this colour scheme using the Army Painter system.

Finally, we have to recommend James Wappel’s jungle-based Algoryn troopers as being fantastically inspiring!

The Algoryn Hall of Fame



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