Community Concord Colour Schemes

After the starter set – ‘Strike Vector One: The Xilos Horizon‘ arrived in the eager hands of scores of players across the Antarean universe, there was an explosion in hobby activity across the internet on various forums, blogs and webpages – with players keen to explore this new universe….

A huge part of this process is exploring new paint schemes and opportunities to turn your hands to new techniques in order to establish your own personalised force.

In Antares, there are no ‘set’ or even ‘standard’ paint schemes – the universe is incredibly vast and varied – the troops of the Concord Combined Command wear armour of all colours depending upon the environment in which they find themselves, the armour adapting to the environment. For example – forces which fight amongst the inclement crevaces and ice fields of frozen worlds would wear whites and icey blues…. battle groups who fight upon parched desert worlds will favour sandy yellows and dusty browns… strike formations who find themselves deep within the verdant undergrowth of jungle worlds will attempt to blend-into their surroundings with rich greens and browns in a camouflage pattern.

And the worlds of Antarean space are as numerous and as varied as it is possible to imagine. Some are thriving jungle worlds covered in all manner of fauna – some familiar, some entirely undiscovered and alien, having evolved over countless millennia untouched, in isolation…


Some are consumed by towering cities – or perhaps entirely cultivated for industry or agriculture to feed the ever-hungry populations of the surrounding societies, their surfaces forever scarred by the rigours of dense populous. As populations move on, so their buildings and other structures remain to decay. Countless, once-thriving worlds now lie inert, still covered in all manner of strange and obsolete structures now left to ruin and dilapidation – their purpose and function long-lost to the annals of time.

Others lie barren, uncharted and unknown, their secrets lying as yet unexplored: deserts of broken rock and lifeless craters, or perhaps covered in perma-frost many hundreds of metres thick or entirely covered in water. Yet other are unstable and unpredictable volcanic worlds whose surfaces are an unmappable, ever-shifting series of plates in a constant state of flux, huge sections constantly melting away into lava only to be formed again elsewhere in an endless cycle of regeneration.

All are potential battlefields and home worlds for your forces which means that — for all budding C3 Strike Commanders out there — there is absolute free reign when it comes to painting your models. If you’ve not yet seen the Concord Armour Designer do try it out: it’s a fantastic tool which we’ve created to help in exploring different colour combinations before committing brush to miniature!


Click here to see

We’ve gathered together just a handful of the colour schemes being worked upon by the community – to show you a small sample of colour schemes which you might want to try on your own models!

Concord Colour Scheme (6)
Matt Houghton’s Drop Troops are particularly nice in white armour
Andy Hobday’s force – in a desert theme
Concord Colour Scheme Jez Allum
Jez Allum’s Strike Troops in a Striking Red colour scheme
Concord Colour Scheme Eric Weissgerber
Eric Weissgerber’s Drop Troops

Concord Colour Scheme (19)

Paul Thomas’ troops are ready for action!

Concord Colour Scheme (16)

John Gant has used the combination of a white base and striking blue and orange accent colours to give a striking theme!

Concord Colour Scheme (1)

Ben Pik’s scheme could be described as similar – again, white combined with a bold orange accent.

Concord Colour Scheme (17)Doug Craig has opted for a metallic feel, in silver and blue – and has used the Army Painter’s Quick Shade Dip to accentuate the model’s detail. 

Concord Colour Scheme (20)

The team at Quindia Studios recently showed-off their Strike Squad colour scheme – a Green/Cream contrast

Concord Colour Scheme (21)

Einar Olafson looks to have used a similar technique – laying down base colours before Quick Shading as a quick and easy way to add the impression of shading and highlighting.  

Concord Colour Scheme (12)Another from Matt Houghton – whose White Armoured force seems to grow by the hour!

Concord Colour Scheme (10)

Alistair Hocker has also been amassing forces to give demos at Ad Hoc Games 

Concord Colour Scheme (14)

Alex Dawson’s colour scheme combines whites and pale greys which – when combined with black and red accents – make for a simple but effective contrast.

Thomas Flannery C3

Thomas Flannery has developed a darker, grittier scheme with greys and purples. The warmer gold of the visors really sets them apart.

Concord Colour Scheme (2)

Rob Crawford’s red and black scheme again shows that the Concord look just as good in light or dark colour schemes – and we particularly like the blue accents, which compliment and contrast the core tones beautifully. 

Concord Colour Scheme (9)

Alistair Osbourne has developed a Bumblebee-like yellow and black combination

Concord Colour Scheme (7)

Malcolm Illidge’s Grey-blue scheme, painted by Gareth Evans, is off-set with green visors. The combination of the cool grey-blue against the warm brown of the bases really makes this scheme pop.mi-concord