The Antares Community

Beyond the Gates of Antares has a vibrant community, both online and off. Below are a list of clubs, groups, podcasts and blogs where you can find out more.

On the Nexus, posts, showcases and articles sent in from the community are categorised ‘Community’ and many tagged ‘Community’, as well, to allow them to be easier to find. This includes many scenarios, events and useful, fan-made play aids. Almost all the ‘Showcase’ articles are from the community (a few are from the studio or painters we’ve asked to do something special for us).

Writing for the NexusThere is another class of post, that of ‘Personal Shards’ (see below), which is intended to contain all sorts of fan-contributed material from fiction to army lists to Boromite Guilds and Freeborn houses. Though all ‘Personal Shard’ material is unofficial it is, nonetheless, a useful resource and recommended and like every other article, they are also given appropriate keywords to make them easier to find.

If you’re looking for advice on where or what to submit, try our Writing for Antares and the Nexus page.

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Social Media Groups

Groups will, eventually, be enabled here on the Nexus. For now, though, the Antares forum is on the Warlord forum site, and the main Beyond the Gates of Antares (IMTel) Facebook group is often worth a read or for raising questions. We also have a page on the Nexus that links to the community Facebook Groups.

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