The Complete Dronescourge

The Complete Dronescourge

The Dronescourge Returns coverOr ‘A complete guide to the Nexus articles relating to The Dronescourge Returns and the Virai’. Included here are:

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The Dronescourge Returns

A long-forgotten threat returns to Antarean space, causing havoc and the collapse of IMTel-protected star systems. The Virai Dronescourge have returned!

Along the Northern Interface border between the two great IMTel nations, whole star systems are dead or dying, their inhabitants and nanospore wiped up by… what? A resurgence of the Chryseis shard? The Xilos collapse? Local operatives are sent to investigate: for the Isorians, it is wily Drone Commander Xan Tu; for the Concord, the NuHu Intelligence Mandarin Jai Galeyous. The source of the devastation appears to be the wreck of a vast, ancient starliner in the newly-emerged system of Taskarr. Their investigations are compromised by the presence of a fleet of Privateers and an army of exiled Ghar living on the ship, but what they discover is worse than they could have imagined, the resurgence of a deadly, ancient threat, one thought long-since destroyed – the Virai Dronescourge.

The Dronescourge Returns is a complete campaign supplement for the Beyond the Gates of Antares game. Focusing on forces from the PanHuman Concord and Isorian Senatex, it also includes the new forces of the Ghar Exiles and the Freeborn/Boromite Privateers. The campaign can also be played with any forces or combination of forces that the participants wish to use.

Jai Galeyous, Intelligence Mandarin

Included in this supplement are:

  • Six new narrative scenarios in a campaign set within the vast starliner or within the ruined arcologies of the planet, Taskarr.
  • Campaign rules designed to link the games together in a flexible format.
  • A new, all-drone army – the Virai Dronescourge, with unique rules, weapons and capabilities.
  • Army lists for the ragtag Privateers/Salvageers and the resource-starved Ghar Exiles.
  • New units, environmental factors, hazardous fauna and rules for fighting aboard ship and in similar, enclosed environments such as the ruined arcologies in ancient cities or starships. Included are rules for breaching weapons, setting explosives, dealing with corridors, breaking down obstacles, walls and doors, and dangerous corridor turret drones.
  • New units, weapon and weapon rules, including the specialist fractal demolitions and breaching cannon (DBC), the Isorian phase-shift projector, fractal charges and breaching kit for Boromite, Freeborn and Algoryn engineers, Krasz assault troops for the Concord, and a breaching mode for existing weapons such as the eponymous plasma lance, disruptor bomb and tractor maul.
  • Three new characters for The Dronescourge Returns campaign and a new foe: Concord NuHu Intelligence Mandarin Jai Galeyous and her panhuman, Vyess bodyguards; Privateer ‘Admiral’ Taras Kalemon and his Boromite and Freeborn bodyguard; Ghar Exile Commander Shaltok; and the command drone of the Dronescourge hive aboard T.O.R.563, a Virai First Instance.
The Dronescourge Returns cover
The Dronescourge Returns in the webstore!

Dronescourge is also available in PDF format.

Spaceship Corridors Download

Scenario 2 in The Dronescourge Returns contains rules for a mini-game that involved building your own deckplan and corridor layout. The tiles for this can be found in the PDF below – download, print and cut out for your own use!

The Dronescourge Spaceship Corridors
The Dronescourge Spaceship Corridors

Virai Faction Page

On the Nexus, the Virai have their own faction page, from which all the articles on their individual units and weapons can be accessed.

Virai Logo
The Virai Dronescourge – the logo attributed to them by the panhuman factions


These are in addition to those in the supplement, these are written especially for the rules and background in The Dronescourge Returns.  The Antares Day scenarios waiting for material are Coming Soon.

  • Virai First Contact, a variant on the rogues drones scenario specialised for chasing down newly-discovered Virai using the Virai First Contact pack on the webstore
  • Search for the Hive – An Antares Day scenario for armies of 750 to 1500 points intent on hunting down a hive.
  • Rapid TransitAn Antares Day scenario for armies of 750 points+ intent on defending or destroying a strategic structure.
  • Coming Soon: Decaying Orbital – An Antares Day scenario for two forces of 600 or 750 points stranded aboard a wreck of a ship about to explode!
Virai Mining Constructors
Virai Mining Constructors


There have been a number of background articles produced, some containing information from The Dronescourge Returns, some expanding on that to give more data on the way the Virai think and operate.

Taras Kalemon with Bodyguard and Drones
Taras Kalemon with Bodyguard and Drones

Starter Swarm

There is a Starter Swarm available containing the core units a Virai force would need. There is a Starter Swarm article which highlights its contents and gives suggestions as to how it can be used.

Virai Starter Swarm
Virai Starter Swarm


There are two main storylines leading up to The Dronescourge Returns and the conflict that forces Ghar Commander Shaltok and his troops into Exiles on the run, so sparking the whole Virai  problem.

Taking of TOR 563

City of Exile

Virai Weapon Drone with Mag Cannon
Virai Weapon Drone with Mag Cannon

Antares Day 2018

The Antares Day 2018 was called ‘The Taking of Taskarr’, a themed, faction league based on The Dronescourge Returns and the Taskarr system.  In addition to the scenarios outlined above, there are two reports from the day.