Concord Drone Experiments

Personal ShardsThis is compeltely unofficial, but is a collection of things to try for the Concord. All are options we’ve discussed at my local club, BDAWC and with Concord players like Ant Sharman, but also which subsequently appeared independently on the Facebook IMTel page such as in comments by Aidan Baxter, Chris Campbell and Thomas Kjellberg, amongst others – great minds think alike!

Of course, these options are in no way fully tested, but we thought they might be fun and add some unique twists to a Concord force, especially in respect to drones. So they’ve been costed up as options to try. Most are fairly easy to build from standard Concord drones, parts, weapon sprues and troopers, but none are official: this is Personal Shards!

See what you think.

Gun Drone squad

A Tactical option, limited choice.  The Drone Controller is a standard C3 Strike Trooper.

C3 Gun Drone Squad (55 points) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
1 × Drone Controller with HL Armour, Plasma Pistol 5 6 5 5(7) 7 8 Leader
0-1 × Bodyguard with HL Armour, Plasma Carbine 5 6 5 5(7) 7 8
2 × Gun Drones with Plasma Carbine 6 Buddy Drone
  • Include Spotter drone in unit @ 10pts
  • Add up to 2 more Gun drones @ 14pts each
  • Add up to 2 Shield drones @10pts each
  • Include Batter drone in unit @ 20pts
  • pgrade Drone Controller to Leader 2 @ 10pts
  • Give unit bodyguard @22 pts
  • Give Drone Controller and bodyguard Plasma Grenades @2pts each

NuHu Multi-swarm

Allow the NuHu to take up to 4 shield drones, a spare nano-drone (20 points), and up to four gun drones. Expensive, but the NuHu cloud is impressive!

NuHu Medic

An Auxiliary choice.

Use the standard NuHu Mandarin Stats but add Medic for +10 points and the medi-drone (+20) becomes mandatory, so the base NuHu becomes 160 points (ouch). Replace the option for 0-2 gun drones with 0-2 medi-drones @ +20 points.

Light Infantry Support Drones

Either completely outfit a C3D1 drone squad with twin plasma carbines instead of the plasma light supports, or allow some of the drones to carry twin plasma carbines. Each drone should probably cost around 22 points less (37 points). It makes them much less effective against vehicles but against some infantry, Ghar suits and assaults gives them a bit of an edge – especially as the drop in points means several can be taken.

‘Bodyguard’ Gun Drones

Given the vulnerability of Weapon Drones to close assault, it makes sense that they might have ‘bodyguard’ gun drones. In a C3D1 squad, for balance, it seems a maximum of one gun drone per weapon drone makes sense, or an overall limit of three (try!). For a C3D2 weapon drone, it seems to make sense they might have one or two gun drones. Agains, it’s 14 points apiece as in the V2 lists.

Infantry Support T7 Transport

An option for the T7 is to take a twin plasma carbine turret instead of the sensor dome or plasma light support. It should cost around 18 points and the turret can be taken from the M407CS model.

From this, an obvious option is to allow the M4 to take a twin plasma carbine turret instead of its normal PLS, again at -22 points. Whilst it gives it a chance in assaults, it becomes more of a mixed role and less effective against other armour. Still, it might be worth considering…

GP Drone Mine-layer variant

An option on the Auxiliary GP drone. Equip a single GP drone with a mine-layer and plasma grenades instead of subverter matrix. With the standard Fire order, the mine layer can lay mines like any other squad. In assaults, it can also has 1d3 plasma grenade attacks in PBS or Hand to hand. Points cost is +15 for the mine layer attachment but it cannot be taken with a subverter matrix (it should fit in the same area).