Concord Gallery

Early in 2017, new Warlorder JoshB was sent on a mission amongst the Forum and Facebook pages to find nicely painted models by you, the Antares community. This awesome gallery collection is just some of the work he found – others which are highlighted in our showcase on the Nexus! [Since then, we’ve added more – see below.]

Johnson 89 Concord
Concord painted and uploaded to the forum by Johnsons89.
Concord and Kai Lek by Gorka
Alternate painting scheme for the Concord and Kai Lek Atastrin painted and uploaded to the forum by Gorka!
Kilted Tech 1000 point Concord
Kilted Tech’s 1000 point Concord force on the (original) forum
Jack Masterman Concord
A Concord squad with a supporting combat drone painted and uploaded to the Antares Facebook page by Jack Masterman!
Seb Jacquet's Concord
The prolific Seb Jacquet’s early Concord from the forums
Sylann Reward Combat Drone
A striking scheme for the M4 combat drone by Sylann Reward

All inspiring stuff!

Since then, players have added more as further vehicles and troops have come out. So we added a few more from the Facebook IMTel group.

More of Seb Jacquet's Concord
Seb Jacquet’s Concord scheme en masse
Scott Wilson Concord scheme
Scott Wilson’s Concord infantry and accompanying D1 drones
Nick Simmerson’s striking scheme
Jamie Howard's Jai Galeyous NuHu
Jamie Howard’s Jai Galeyous NuHu Mandarin
Jamie Howard T7
Jamie Howard’s specialist T7 transport conversion with fractal cannon<
Jamie Howard M407CS
Jamie Howard’s M407CS assault drone
Ian Earle's Concord
An interesting variation of the studio scheme is on Ian Earle’s Concord
Conor Hind's Concord
The HQ store’s Conor Hind chose a blue scheme for his drone force