PanHuman Concord

The PanHuman Concord is one of the two great panhuman, most technologically advanced factions of Antarean space, the other being it’s ‘parent’, now known as the Isorian Shard or Senatex. The Concord is a society of both human and machine sentience bound together by integrated machine intelligence or IMTel. It is in practically every respect a utopian society in which humans are free to devote their lives to chosen endeavours entirely free of compulsion, or the necessity of toil and unwanted responsibilities. The IMTel anticipates the needs of each and provides a benevolent governance to all within its reach.

The PanHuman Concord was originally founded and led by the Isorians, but when the Tsan Kiri wars infected part of the shard, the PanHuman Concord and the Senatex split into two, incompatible factions. Now, the two factions cannot help but vie with one another, their nanospore unfailingly detecting the other as corrupt and invasive, and automatically instigating hostile counter-measures.

The Concord always deploys its resources in the most effective way to meet its needs, and might therefore ignore some worlds entirely whilst exploring, invading or even destroying others. There may even be the opportunity for diplomacy of sorts with other civilisations. This is one of the fields where the IMTel makes direct use of its NuHu elements, recognising the necessity for a ‘human touch’ in dealings beyond its borders.

An aspect of that ‘human touch’ is the military arm of the Concord, the Concord Combined Command, or C3. Kept partly isolated from the core Concord Shard so as not to contaminate its citizens, the Concord armed forces are the most sophisticated and most powerful in all of Antarean space, rivalled only by those of the Isorian Senatex and the Vorl Synthesis. C3 not only sends troops to where they are needed, but also recruits, trains and equips military formations from vast spacecraft to humble strike troopers.

Troopers are protected by extremely effective hyper‐light armours and armed with plasma carbines capable of variable fire modes. Man for man there are few enemies that are their equal. Support drones provide them with a powerful mobile arsenal capable of facing the most heavily armoured enemies.

See Rulebook, p.222ff. Free Online Army Lists are available from this central Nexus article.

Military – on the table

The Concord Combined Command uses the most advanced weapons and armour in the Antarean universe, though they prefer to minimise casualties and act from a distance. this means plasma carbines and hyperlight armour together with intelligent combat drones.

There is a useful pair of articles on the weapons and armour of the Concord and a Concord paint scheme designer tool.


C3 Strike and Strike Command SquadsDrop Squads and Drop CommandKrasz Assault SquadsNuHu MandarinDrone Commander


Interceptor SkimmersSupport TeamsC3D1 Light Weapon DroneC3D2 Medium DroneC3T7  Transport Drone


C3M4 Combat DroneHeavy Support TeamsC3M25 Heavy Combat Drone (M50 not currently available) – C3M407 Close Support Drone


Targeter ProbesScout ProbesMedi-ProbesIso-dronesC3GP General Purpose Drone


Commander Kamrana Josen, Aan (Core) and C3 XEF (Xilos) – Kai Lek Atastrin (Xilos Horizon starter set model) –

Variant and Weapon Sprues (in store)

C3 Plasma CarbinesC3 Plasma Lances and pistolStrike Squad HeadsPanHuman Heads (article & links)

How does the C3 play?

The C3 is best used at a distance where its armour comes into greatest effect and its powerful, long-range weapons are most useful. At this range, it’s reactive armour can also resist blasts from long-range artillery better than any other infantry armour in the Antarean universe. Some armies have slightly longer weapon ranges (such as the Algoryn) but cannot match the ordinary C3 Strike Trooper for weapon capability and variability: a single Strike Squad can perform multiple roles – just keep them away from close combat.

The Concord’s drop troops and Interceptor skimmers provide a very fast – and hard-hitting – arm of the C3 that should not be ignored. Indeed, such is their capability that a Rapid Reaction selector is available in the Army lists. The drop troops are one arm of the Concord who can look after themselves in hand to hand combat but are outmatched by specialist troops in other armies: the difference is, the drop troops can run away quicker!  The drop troops are possibly bested by the Krasz assault troops, the Krasz being a species of panhumans that were forced to adapt to a rich, but very hostile environment.

Like the Isorians, the Concord forces also have some highly capable drones and even have drone commanders. Whilst there is a drone-specific selector in The Chryseis Shard, almost every list will find their light and medium weapon drones a useful form of support, sometimes to the exclusion of basic support teams as the drones can hide in cover and have excellent Agility (Ag). Their drones even extend to larger transports and combat drones – tanks – who are heavily armoured and can mount the most effective weapons in the Antarean universe.

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