Converted Concord force Part 1: Infantry

John Davenport has come up with some interesting variants for his local Concord shard. Here, he goes through his squad and role markings and the fantastic conversions he carried out to customise his force for his Personal Shard.

Converted Concord Part 1

Personal ShardsThis is the first of a series of posts on my heavily customised Concord C3 army. For me, one of the greatest joys of the hobby is taking great models like the fantastic examples put out by Warlord, and making them my own. My army is from a planet that was only recently re-connected to the Antares network after spending several centuries isolated. Their technology deviated in several subtle ways without seriously changing its function. On re-integration into Concord society, the IMTel decided not to change this fully functional variation, and instead add this distinctiveness to the vast variation that exists in panhumanity.

John Davenport C3 conversion - full Concord armyJohn Davenport C3 conversions – Strike troops and support teams

My forces use an alternate head I bought from PuppetsWar, and each unit has a unique set of markings on their torsos (or hull in the case of drones). Blue stands for Strike squads, green is for specialist panhuman units like the support teams shown here. Other colours to come later is dark gray for fully drone units, and red for command.

White is a hard colour to work with, and it took me a while to get these to a point I was happy with. It’s easy to come out looking either dirty or flat. Each model has a slightly different paint job, but fitting in with the theme of the unit. I feel that this is very IMTel, people are encouraged to be different and free to express their individuality, but within the unity of their shard and the greater unity of the IMTel.

John Davenport C3 conversion - Strike squad 2John Davenport C3 conversions – Strike squad 1

The kneeling model with gun raised on the right was made from the plastic kit, arms and legs repositioned and green-stuffed to add a little variation to the unit.

John Davenport C3 conversion - Strike squadJohn Davenport C3 conversions – Strike squad 2

This unit I’ve built to be running forward to find a better firing position. Very little conversion work here as Warlord’s models give an excellent feeling of dynamic movement.

John Davenport C3 conversion - Strike squad BJohn Davenport C3 conversions – Strike squad 3

The guy at the back with raised gun is another cut-and-greenstuff job.

John Davenport C3 conversion - Strike troops 2John Davenport C3 conversions – Strike squad 4

This was the first unit and I was not really happy with the white. Learned enough to get it better next time though.

I decided to put my buddy drones on smaller bases. These are Euro five cent pieces, with paperclip wire stems. Each buddy drone has a pattern on the body based on the squad it is part of.

The following gallery (click on the images) shows a top-down view of the units to illustrate their unit markings.

I gave each of my unit leaders a bit of extra work. They each have an extended visor on their helmets, a viewer on their shoulders to feed extra data into the unit shard, and a wrist mounted data screen. Finally, they each have a clip on their hips which represent slingnet ammo for their X-slings. The rulebook describes Antares grenades as tiny, very advanced, coin sized items, and I imagine a whole stack of standard or slingnet grenades in each of these clips, the Leaders loading a stack of them into their wrist mounted X-slings as needed.

John Davenport C3 conversion - Strike troopsJohn Davenport C3 conversions – Strike leaders

Support Teams with X-launchers were made out of a combination of the standard models and the plastic Strike sprue to give them some unique poses. Note the data slates with info patched from the army’s network of spotter drones, and plasma pistols on their hips made from cutting down spare carbines.

John Davenport C3 conversion - X-launcher 2John Davenport C3 conversions – Support Team 1 with X-Launcher

John Davenport C3 conversion - X-launcher teamJohn Davenport C3 conversions – Support Team 2 with X-Launcher