Converted Concord Part 2: Command

Converted Concord 2: Command

Personal ShardsJohn Davenport continues his series on converting his C3 into a unique, personal shard with a great idea on how to make his command troops represent individual Army Options!

I’ve worked to give each of the command models personality, and to show different responsibilities within the unit. Several of them represent Army Options bought for the force. It reminds me to use the rules and I like to have something in the rules to show the effect they have. Army Options bring a lot of flavour.

This unit was tremendous fun to work on, the Warlord plastic kits are excellent and a real joy to convert.

John Davenport C3 conversions – Strike Command Squad

The unit uses the same alternate heads as my regular infantry with added visors and other details. The markings on the Commander’s chest are based on the Concord faction symbol, with the rest of the squad having designs intended to tie in to this while still looking unique, as befits these elite soldiers.

John Davenport C3 conversions – Strike Commander

The Force Commander is the most involved conversion in the army, build from a re-posed Strike Trooper, a greenstuff cape and a host of other bits.

John Davenport C3 conversions – Strike Commander unpainted

Here’s an image of the unpainted model. It includes plastic bits from three different manufacturers, resin head, greenstuff, metal hand and pins, paper for the back of the cape, and a real rock from the garden. 😉

John Davenport C3 conversions – Communications specialist “Proceed with orbital bombardment at this location.”

This trooper is a communications specialist with a custom built hologram globe. This started as a clear acrylic sphere which I dyed blue and then painted continent and grid-lines onto. Object source lighting shows the glow of the hologram. This is done by thinking about where the light from the source falls, and the  carefully layering light blue up from the edges, followed by white highlights at the points closest to the sourse. The original colours should be visible in all but the brightest points, and the source should be the most vivid to make it clear where the light is coming from.

I use this miniature to represent two “Block” army options and one “Well Pepared”.

John Davenport C3 conversions – Bodyguard Troopers

These two are the bodyguard contingent of the unit, elite soldiers of the C3. While the other members of the unit are fully capable of taking care of themselves in a fight, the IMTel has long found it is worth having a few members of a command unit dedicated to that roll above all to allow specialists to do their job without the distraction of trying not to get killed. The trooper on the right prepares to throw a plasma grenade, which in the high tech Seventh Age are only the size of a coin.

John Davenport C3 conversions – Drone Sub-Commander

Here is a drone which uses the stats of a Strike Trooper and represents the “Superior Shard” Army Option. He/she/it tasked with the very important job of liaising between drone units and the human Commander of the army. Of course this can be done without a specialist unit, the advanced networks of the Concord can filter battlefield information and relay it to the Commander’s visor and data-slate, and sentient drone units can make calls on their own authority when needed. However a highly skilled drone with strategic programming and command authority is in a much better position to co-ordinate drone units and can better tell which of the vast flood of information in a strategic shard should be brought to the Commander’s attention.

The model is mostly made of greenstuff with a few bits from the Strike set. The design is based on the larger C3 command drone model, intended to be a lower ranked version. I’ve included a plasma carbine on one arm, a manipulator on the other, and a spare x-sling attached to the manipulator to show how the model uses its plasma grenades.

John Davenport C3 conversions – Buddy Drones, Medical, Spotter and Synchroniser

The unit’s three buddy drones, spotter, and scratch built medical and Synchroniser drones. The medical drone is built out of a spare Ghar head with arms made from plastic rod and guitar wire. I designed the Synchroniser drone to tie into the appearance of the drone Sub-Commander.

I couldn’t resist 😉

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