Datafile: Weapons of the Virai

Virai Primary Virai Ranged Weapons

To call the items that the Virai Dronescourge use in ranged combat ‘weapons’ is somewhat of a misnomer. Like their other manipulator arms, a Virai’s ‘weapons’ are either tools turned to use in war or dual purpose digging/cutting tools-cum-weapons. The First Instances, for example, are equipped with a pair of fusion cutters which they use to slice through suitable metal, rock and minerals whilst first building a hive or more drones, and the warrior’s and fusion flamer is a combination heavy-duty mining tool and battlefield combat weapon.

First Instance
First Instance with two fusion cutters

Fusion Cutters

This is the basic hand tool powered by the internal power sources of a Virai drone. It is carried by architectors and some constructors as it is primarily a general-purpose cutting tool that can have its focus adjusted for use in combat. Like many Virai fusion weapons, it is much more effective close in, before its destructive power becomes too dispersed.


Virai Warrior with ripclaws
Virai warrior drone with fusion flamer

Fusion Flamer

This is the most common, general-purpose weapon-tool carried by Virai warrior drones it can be seen as an upgraded or more powerful fusion cutter. As pragmatic as all Virai weapons and tools, it is normally used as a powerful cutting and mining tool by warriors accompanying scavenging or mining squads. The flamer projects a field into which a fusion reaction is forced. Whilst the fusion cutter is often built into appendages, the fusion flamer’s additional control and focusing circuitry make it a hefty weapon so can be highly visible on warrior drones, depending on the availability of materials.

Virai Ranged Weapons Range
Weapon Effective Long Extreme Strike Value Special
Fusion Cutter 5 10 30 2/1/0 Variable SV, Hand Weapon
Fusion Flamer 10 20 50 3/2/1 Variable SV, Breaching, Standard Weapon

Variable SV: Virai fusion weaponry has an SV that varies with range.

Breaching: Fusion Flamers are Breaching weapons, able to take apart rock and ship superstructure.