Deployment Depths

How far is 1M Deployment? It may sound a simple question, and it’s one that isn’t often asked – even when it should! It’s important to be aware that confusing 10″ with 2M can make life very awkward for some factions during deployment.

So what is 1M Deployment?

The simple answer is that the 1M standard deployment is on page 140 of the rulebook in the ‘Scenarios’ section.  In short, though – and the catch – 1M only means 5″ for those units who have a 5″ move (M).

What? Yep. 1M means just that – 1M as far as the unit is concerned. If a unit has a normal move, then M=5″ so 2M=10″. Units that are slow, such as the Brood Mother and heavy vehicles, have a move (M) of 2.5″ whilst Fast units have a move (M) of 10″ and probes 20″. So 1M deployment for a Fast unit is 10″ and 2M is 20″ (theoretically, but see below).

There is a limit, here: normally, no unit can deploy any closer that 10″ to the centreline of the table which, in the case of probes, means they cannot move that far up. And there is an exception to that limit in that units with the Sniper special rule can deploy anywhere in their own half of the table – if the table has an obvious half.

Many Slow units, though, cannot even reach 2.5″ onto the table on a 1M deployment, so are just placed against the baseline.

Concord Drop Squads equipped with AG Chute still have a normal move (M) of 5″ as the chute merely allows them to make a 2M move as part of an Advance (p.121). Personally, I allow any opponent deploying Drop troops to treat 1M as 10″ for the purposes of deployment, simply because the squads are normally so fast.

There is another catch, too: no unit may enter the table within 10″ of any other enemy unit already deployed and, even if it comes on with a Run order, it cannot Assault an enemy unit. One presumes that the enemy have seen it coming and could have made a response!

So a deployment of 2M means double that for every unit: interceptors can deploy 20″ on (well, 10″ away from the centreline) which means that on their first move they are typically way in the back of their opponent’s deployment zone without bother to sprint. Most other units are 10″ on and Slow units 5″ on (which, in practice means they are still very close to the baseline as they are BIG!).