Algoryn SD Hazard Strike Formation

Algoryn SD Hazard Strike formation

Algoryn Hazard Vector formation 1
Algoryn SD Hazard Vector formation

The Algoryn Hazard Strike formation is an elite, Hazard suit equipped drop formation as an army deal which comes complete with additional rules and hints and tips.

This is an elite army. Based on The Chryseis Shard‘s Drop force rules, it has only 15, hard-hitting infantry plus vehicles and drones – but is a devastating force. Whilst this army does not have a large amount of bodies, it certainly makes up for it for each Hazard squad being the equivalent of many more, normal troopers. To further boost this, in many scenarios, this entire force has the capability to land on the map wherever they want, controlling the battlefield from their strategically chosen landing sites.

A typical Hazard vector formation might comprise 15 suits (Command and 2 to 4 units) in strike capsules, occasionally with hazard drone landers – depending on mission parameters – and sometimes accompanied by an attached weapon drone lander.

The army bundle contains:

  • 1 Hazard Commander plus 14 Hazard Troopers – enough to make up 5 squads
  • 2 Avenger skimmers – perhaps best equipped with a Mag Cannon and Twin Mag Light Support
  • 1 Algoryn Support Capsule (Weapon Drone Lander)
  • 6 Targeter Drones
  • 15 Hazard Strike Capsules – plus 1 Mag Light Support with spotter drone
  • 12 Maroon Dice
  • A special printed out document which has everything you need to field this bundle

Accompanying the army deal is a complete PDF containing additional rules for the strike capsules and drone landers, and two possible 1000-point, Hazard Strike formations, available from the Nexus PDF Army List page.

Algoryn SD Hazard Vector PDF Image