Event: Dronescourge Campaign Day

BDAWC Dronescourge Campaign Day

Dronescourge August 2018 Games DayAn informal and co-operative Dronescourge narrative campaign day. Bring armies of 750 and 1000 points from the Antares ‘The Dronescourge Returns’ Supplement. Open at 9am and we’ll start as soon as we can, hoping to each play three games by the end of the day across all six scenarios (and perhaps more if you fancy something else). Do bring interior/industrial terrain if you have any as we’ll try and run through all the scenarios to come up with a campaign result!

Please contact antares@bdawc.org.uk to reserve a place and let us know if you can bring terrain/mats.

Date/Time: From 9am, 4th August 2018

Where: Nicolson Centre, Boscombe Down, Amesbury, Wiltshire, UK, SP4 0JE

Format: Informal, narrative scenario, supplement campaign.

Entry: £2. U18s must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Online: bdawc.org.uk or the Facebook event page on https://www.facebook.com/events/244837302777634/

Organiser:Tim Bancroft/Boscombe Down & Amesbury Wargames Club (BDAWC)

Contact eMail: antares@bdawc.org.uk – do get in touch to let us know you’re coming

First game starts as soon as you arrive, settle in, have a cup of tea and find an opponent! Second game around 12 and third around 14.30 or 15.00.  We have to stress this is an informal event on a standard club day so there will be other games going on that you’re welcome to peruse. We’d like to have games finished on time to give everyone a chance to play three games, but this isn’t a competitive event. At the end, we’ll calculate the results using the Dronescourge book to see whether the Virai are defeated.

There is car parking next to the centre, shops a short drive down the road and fast food centres only 5 minutes away. Tea is free and there will be some sustenance (biscuits, snacks, etc).

Armies: Note that narrow passageways, corridors and low ceilings limit OH weapons and may prevent larger vehicles being used: do check the Dronescourge supplement for details. Lists are typically 750-1000 – check the scenarios below! We do have some loan armies available – Concord, Ghar, Privateers, Isorian + mercenary – so if you don’t have one, do get in touch!


Start Scenarios: 
1 Firm Foothold (3-player, 750 pts & no overhead),
2 Intersecting Explorations (2-player, 750 pts, no overhead, narrow corridors)
5 Canyon Crush (2-player asymmetric, attacker 1,000, defender 750)

~12 noon scenarios:
3 Overgrown Engineering (2-player, 1000 pts & no strategic selection, attacker needs breaching weapons, no overhead),
4 Marshalling Mayhem (3-player asymmetric, 2* attackers at 750, 1* defender at 1000, corridors, no overhead),
* plus others, either from Dronescourge or the Taskarr Games Day

~14:30 till finish:
6 Final Stand (6-7 players, 4*attackers at 750 points, 1-2 defenders sharing a constantly renewable 1000 points, no overhead)
* plus others, as above and as required!

Boscombe Down and Amesbury Wargames Club

BDAWC games crew at Devizes, 2017
BDAWC games crew at Devizes, 2017
The Dronescourge Returns cover