Event Report: Dronescourge Day

On 4th August 2018, the Boscombe Down and Amesbury Wargames Club hosted a Dronescourge Campaign Day where as much of the Dronescourge scenarios were played between those who attended.  Warlorder Tim Bancroft, who organised the day, gives us an event report.


BDAWC Dronescourge August Games Day Report
BDAWC Dronescourge August Games Day Report

For the BDAWC‘s Dronescourge Campaign Day, it was intended that those playing would be able to run through as many scenarios as possible from the book (probably three each) and that we’d get all the scenarios covered in one way or another. We expected to struggle with the last, big game (Final Stand) as with 6-7 players, it is intended to be a club special.

In the event we managed two of almost every scenario bar Marshalling Mayhem (a three-player) and that last, big, multiplayer game. We only managed 3-4 turns in the last, big game, though before players had to go home: perhaps we’ll run the Final Stand game at another Saturday event, feeding the results into the overall campaign score (so watch this space!).

There was a nice spread of factions present: Ghar Exiles (x2), Freeborn/Privateers (x2), Concord (x2), Algoryn (x2!), Virai, and Ghar Empire.  As with all these Antares events, the atmosphere was excellent, everyone being friendly, co-operative with each other and all ardent adherents to Rick’s Rule (have fun, basically!).

The Forces

All the armies used were different, even in the same faction, as each player used the options they preferred or which they felt matched the narrative better!  One AI army, for example, had plentiful infantry backed by heavy Hazard suits as the player (Chris) throught it would not only do better in the confines of the vast ship, TOR 563, but that it was more appropriate to have such an infantry-based boarding force. Another felt that a lightweight transport, at least, would be absolutely necessary in ship 25km long!

Both Concord armies were different, too. One used a NuHu plus a mix of other troops (Drop and Strike squads) together with a medium drone – plus a transport in the higer-point offering – whilst the other was a generally drop-heavy force, the rationale being similar to the AI’s Hazard-backed force above. When the Drop C3 and Hazard AI faced each other, they almost fought each other to a standstill, the C3 only able to do so due to the greater mobility of the Drop squads pinning the lumbering Hazard suits!

Both Freeborn armies were different, too, one having Boromite mercenaries, an Skyraider squad, domari and a pair of indoor support teams whilst the other featured  a Striker combat skimmer and a mix of Ferals.

Even the  Exiles had different biases: one went for larger suit squads whilst the other went for a small suit squads. As ever, Exiles were Outcast-heavy (with some large squads of Outcasts, too) and relied heavily on their bomber cannons.

Nigel Bond's Virai Begin to Swarm
Nigel Bond’s Virai Begin to Swarm


Rather than have simple scores, I used the Campaign Conclusion (Dronescourge, p.66) to work out the results and paraphrased them as appropriate.  Scores were averaged where factions played the same scenario twice. The results, in descending order, were as follows.

Exiles: The fight for TOR 563 continues onboard but with the Exiles still in control: they will survive! They take the ship to a random system to limit their opponents’ additional reinforcements. Somehow Shaltok survives another conflict.
Virai: Having established a new foothold in the Taskarr system and are able to seed more systems as the ship flees to new gates to avoid additional harassment! Growth will not be rapid, but will continue: the Hive will survive!
Ghar Empire: Karg’s commander on the ship claims that capture of the vast T.O.R. is imminent and that solid experience reveals the new scourge is (a) nonhuman  and (b) subject to Ghar weaponry. Reinforcements will be necessary to overcome the interference from incompetent, but numerous, humans. As the threat is spreading into human space, perhaps it should be encouraged.
Algoryn (joint with Concord): Interference from Freeborn and inept IMTel commanders means the Ghar factionalisation is increasing. The new menace from the Dronescourge is controlled to some extent but is expanding northwards along the Isorian-Concord border.

Concord (joint with Algoryn): Commanders cite significant interference from other factions in preventing their takeover of the ship and suppression of the Virai. The TOR, however, is not in Virai hands. The IMTel concurs, but warns the Virai menace will continue to spread.

Freeborn/Privateers: No new technology, no salvage, nothing to trade! The Freeborn feel betrayed and Taras Kalemon has a price on his head for misleading the vardos into a mission that was certain to fail.

A really great day!