Exploration Force Army Selectors

Exploration Force army selectors

Exploration Selectors TitleThe Dronescourge Returns introduced conflict in starships, orbitals, closed arcologies or raids on underground complexes. To help balance such constrained and small scale games, the Antares Day 2018 and Open Day 2018 used a new selector level, the 600-point Exploration Force.  The selectors at each combat level in the Exploration Force are also geared towards a balanced game, perhaps that encountered in light tournaments or ladders.

Typically, when fighting within a starship larger vehicles such as crawlers, humungous beasts, transports and combat drones are unusable, but smaller skimmers and mounts can be used. Additionally, overhead weapons such as X-Launchers are useless, large infantry cannot fit down very tight corridors, and speed is sometimes constrained for mounts along narrow corridors.  Players may like to bear this in mind when selecting their forces for scenarios that may be based within buildings, underground or in starships! Important: This is not a limitation of the 600-point Exploration list, merely the most common usage!

Such Exploration forces can still use Mercenaries, whether from the Freeborn Adventurers and Boromite Clans in The Battle for Xilos or the Mercenaries for Hire lists – but note that in both cases the Mercenary rules still apply!

Exploration Force (600pts) Combat Level
Faction Tactical Support Strategic Auxiliary
Algoryn 3-5 0-2 0 0-1
Boromite 3-5 0-2 0 0-1
Concord 3-5 0-1 0 0-1
Freeborn 3-5 0-2 0 0-1
Ghar Empire 3-5 0-1 0 0-1
Ghar Exile 4-8 0-3 0 0-1
Ghar Rebel 4-8 0-2 0 0-1
Isorian 3-5 0-1 0 0-1
Privateer/Salvageer 3-6 0-2 0 0-2
Virai 3-6 0-3 0 0-2


Some games in a tournament also call for a 600-PLUS army. In addition to the basic, 600 point Exploration Force given above, the ‘PLUS’ option is one of the following:

  • a single Strategic (or sometimes also Support) selection from the same faction as the 600-point Exploration Force (yes, any Strategic option);
  • any two Tactical selections totalling a maximum of 350 points.

To emphasise: when 600-PLUS games are mentioned, players use both the 600-point list AND a PLUS option together in one list.

Some tournaments may limit the Tactical selections to Infantry or Beast units and associated command variants.