FAQ for 2018 Antares Day

With some new rules being showcased, a mix of scenarios, unseen armies and a new format, it’s not surprising that we’ve had a few questions and enquiries about the Antares Day scenarios and format. Participants have been great in answering questions on the board, so we thought we’d put those answers together with other questions that have been asked. For anyone interested in more information on the day and format, we have the Antares Day Information Pack.

How come there’s a faction score already?

Players score points for their faction if they have a fully-painted army on the table and submit their army lists well before the day. As some players have already provided a video or photo of their full army, and several have already submitted and had their army lists confirmed, points are already on the board!  The score as last updated is shown in the chart below. As things go forward, we will update the status as we have been doing over the last few weeks – last update mid-afternoon 7th May, with the Algoryn in the lead.

Running Faction Score chart
Faction Score – mid-afternoon 7th May

How come some of the forces don’t even exist?

The Players’ Pack explains that we may have some forces in use by playtesters that come straight out of the upcoming supplement, The Dronescourge Returns. That includes Ghar Exile, Privateers and, of course, the Virai Dronescourge themselves.  Some of those players have already submitted their lists and/or videos!

The Ghar Exiles differ from the Rebels in that they refuse to embrace non-Ghar ways. They regard themselves as still loyal to the Empire and the Supreme Commander, but that High Commander Karg has got in the way. If asked, they’d even ally with the Empire against the Outcast Rebels! Well, if Karg would allow them to be accepted as allies, that is.

We’re also using some scenarios and new rules from the new supplement. These are primarily concerned with fighting in enclosed spaces (spaceships, enclosed arcologies, Virai mines) and in breaking down obstructions – termed Breaching.

Can a Mag Cannon/Plasma Cannon knock down walls? I’m going to use my Mag Cannon to knock down the pylons in scenario 6, right?

No: Mag and Plasma Cannons are neither Breaching nor Heavy Weapons. Neither is the Compression Cannon. All three are Light Support Weapons.  Breaching weapons are those that can cause damage to buildings, walls and obstacles. The list of existing weapons inheriting the Breaching trait is in the Players’ Pack, and includes the Fractal Cannon. These Hand, Standard and Light Support weapons with the Breaching trait are added to those Heavy weapons who by default are Breaching weapons because they inflict enough SV/hits to damage buildings as listed on p. 62 of the rulebook.

The 600 point Ghar Exploration Selector seems to have a high Tactical allowance. Is this correct?

Yes, primarily because of the environment and an interesting set of gotchas in the lists and points. As a result, it becomes very difficult to field a list that is reasonable for Ghar Empire at 600 points in the environments dealt with on this Games Day, so we have allowed for a few extra Tactical options.  A key limitation, for example, is the Battlesuited Ghar Commander and Scutters being Limited Choice.

The spaceship floor plan I’ve seen seems to have a lot of very narrow corridors. Does this mean my Ghar are at a disadvantage?

the plan is deliebrately designed for Antares. There are a lot of one-floorplate-wide ‘Tight’ corridors which are deliberately too narrow for Tsan Ra and Ghar suits, and which lead to rat runs usable by the normal-sized infantry. However, the main corridors and doorways are all 2-floorplate or 3-floorplate wide and are classed as ‘Narrow’ (see the Player Pack and Dronescourge) and allow passage to Large infantry and many weapon drones. It’s a matter of how safe the normal sized infantry feel along the main passages!

In one of the scenarios, my Mag Mortar can blow apart an objective in a single turn. Is this intentional?

Boromite Mag Mortar in actionYes. If you finished early, then immediately switch sides and play the scenario again: we’ll log both results! We did discuss this in playtesting – and it’s nice a player raised it, as well – but it will only happen if (a) the player with a mag mortar rolls to be the attacker (50% chance) and (b) hits the target in turn 1 or 2 (probably another 50% chance) and (c) rolls a ’10’ on the damage dice (10%) chance. That’s not impossible, merely very improbable. The attacker could just as likely roll a ‘1’ and not damage the objective at all.

However, this is where we have to let a secret card drop from our sleeve: there may well be mission cards for the defender to play which makes fulfilling seemingly easy objectives more difficult than might be realised.

Can I use Mercenaries?

Definitely – it explicitly says so in the Players’ Pack (p.3).  Whilst Allies and named characters can’t be used, normal Mercenaries For Hire and Mercenary Fighters are all classed as Mercenaries. Both allow the hiring of individual Mercenary units at the appropriate combat level in a parent forces’ list.  Mercenary Fighters are on p.68 of The Battle for Xilos, whilst the rules for Mercenaries For Hire are here. Both have restrictions on what units can be hired by some factions.

As an example, try this 600-point (well, 597 pt) Concord list with plenty of Breaching equipment:

  • 2 x 5-trooper C3 Strike Squads with Lance and Spotter (Tactical 1 and 2; 250 pts)
  • 1 x Hükk Bounty Hunter with three Enhanced Angkriz, Medi-Drone and Lectro Lash (Tactical 3, Mercenary For Hire; 145)
  • 1 x C3D1 Weapon Drone with Plasma Light Support (Support; 59)
  • 1 x 5-trooper Boromite Work Gang with Borer Drone, Reflex Armour, Mass Compactors, 2 Vorpal Charges (Tactical, Mercenary Fighters; 143)

It’s a 5-dice, expensive list, but will be quite tricky to face in narrow confines and is an interesting force to wield. Of course, though it starts with one more non-Mercenary unit than mercenary unit, once the Concord troops are destroyed, the remaining Mercenaries become subject to the Mercenary Break test rules (pp.68-69 in The Battle For Xilos and p.2 in the Mercenaries For Hire PDF).

Are tickets still available?

There are a few still left (as of writing this, anyway). If you fancy coming along, we look forward to seeing you on the 26th May. Tickets and an Information Pack are available from the webstore.

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