Fartok, Leader of Battle Group Nine, Unarmoured

Fartok, Leader of Battlegroup Nine, Special Edition model

Here we are focusing on the Limited Edition Fartok model which was given away to everyone who pre-ordered the Xilos Horizon before November 2015 (the model is now unavailable). Fartok features in the scenario, Run, Fartok, Run!  Fartok is a main character for the Ghar in the Gates of Antares rulebook, betrayed by High Commander Karg and forced into becoming the Leader of the Outcast Rebellion.  In the main rulebook, Fartok has stats just after he joined the Rebellion: here, we give his stats as taken from the Run, Fartok, Run! scenario, the point in time at which he realises the betrayal from Karg.
Ghar pre-release figure

Fartok knew he had been hit hard – the retort of the shot echoed inside his battle armour like an exploding comet as he span out of control. The warning lights of his combat array blazed red and the stench of leaking plasma began to fill the tiny capsule. The armoured machine collapsed into a tangled heap on the ground. Seconds before he had been an invincible warrior of the Ghar: Fartok Commander of Battle Group Nine. Now he was a trapped inside the wreckage of his battle armour, held fast by a web of tangled feedlines and neuro-plugs.

Dizzy with pain he instinctively scrabbled for the emergency release catch beneath his harness, jerked it free from its housing and pulled with all his strength. The stricken machine wheezed uncertainly as pneumatic valves popped open and chemical propellants began to react with a reluctant fizz and a gurgle. And a bang! The explosion shot him and a chunk of his supporting harness straight out of the battle armour, tearing away the neural linkages through which the machine was controlled like a second skin. It was like being flayed alive and for an instant he was consumed by the unimaginable agony of it.

Fartok lay on the stony ground shivering, racked with pain such, as he had never thought possible. The world outside the battle suit was agonisingly bright and the noise of gun fire felt like a thousand hammer blows upon his senses. Everywhere there were Ghar machines lying broken and smouldering amongst pools of bubbling plasma. A few Ghar troopers were still standing, gallantly directing their Scourer cannons upon the enemy. But Fartok could see they were fighting a losing battle. Even as he watched another armoured suit exploded as the shot from an Algoryn Mag Cannon shattered the machine’s casing into a thousand pieces.

‘Curse those scum of Battle Group Ten!’ Fartok thought to himself once the pain began to subside and he came to his proper senses. His old rival and brood mate Karg, Commander of Battle Group Ten, had been responsible for reconnoitring the line of attack ahead of the assault. How could they possibly have failed to notice the build up in enemy forces? Surely Karg must have spotted the new Algoryn defences and seen the numerous emplacements. It was a death trap. Had Karg led him into a trap deliberately? It seemed more than likely Fartok thought with a sour grimace.

‘Commander… you are alive!’ squeeked a terrified Ghar voice from amongst the rubble. It was Drok one of the Battle Squad leaders. He had managed to escape too. His face was pale and he was covered in blood. The ragged remnants of his armour’s feed lines hung from his tattered pilots suit.

‘Yes Drok I am alive,’ he snarled, ‘ now let’s get out of here’. Fartok looked around but all he could see were Algoryn in every direction. They would be lucky to make it back to their own lines alive. But he had been lucky already. Lucky to have survived a fatal hit to his battle armour and luckier still that the clumsy escape mechanism had actually worked. In any case, he had to live, because one thing was for sure: someone was going to pay. And that someone was Karg!

Unit: Outcast High Commander Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Fartok, Outcast High Commander with lugger pistol 6 5 3 4 9 9 Wound, Leader 3,
Command (Outcasts only), Hard to Spot
Special Rules
Leader 3.This is the standard rule allowing Fartok to re-roll up to 3 failed Resist rolls at a time (page 135 of the Antares rulebook).
Wound. If Fartok fails a resist then instead of falling casualty he is wounded. Once wounded if any further resist roll is failed he is removed as a casualty like anyone else. If Fartok is wounded then the unit cannot lose its last 1 pin. It can lose other pins as normal, but the last 1 pin cannot be removed.
Command (outcasts only). Because Fartok is not wearing his battle armour he cannot communicate with other Ghar units, except for Outcasts – who he can shout at! He therefore has the Command rule in respect to Outcasts (i.e. they benefit from his Co stat if within 10”).
Hard to Spot. We know the escaping pilot is Fartok – and we know he is destined to lead rebel Outcasts in revolt and emerge as the greatest threat the Ghar Empire has ever faced. But right now all the Algoryn force would really know is that the battlefield is littered with broken enemy, individuals running for their lives, the wounded struggling to escape, and here-and-there little knots of survivors making a last stand. So, we shall place a few restrictions on the enemy’s ability to shoot at Fartok to represent the fact that – in reality – he is very hard to single out amongst the debris and chaos of battle.
• Fartok cannot be targeted at ranges of greater than 10” – enemy must get within 10” to shoot at him.
• Any unit shooting at Fartok suffers an additional –2 Acc penalty because he is small and on his own – and very good at keeping out of the way – let alone lucky!
• If an enemy unit wishes to assault Fartok then it must begin its move within 10” of him – otherwise they just can’t spot him and are not allowed to move into touch.
• If enemy are shooting weapons that are normally targeted at a point of ground (such as Grip ammo) they are not allowed to deliberately target
within 3” of Fartok’s position.
Lugger Pistol. Ghar pilots often carry small versions of the crude Lugger gun for personal protection should they become separated from their armour. We don’t recommend that Fartok spends too much time shooting – speed is of the essence – but desperate times and all that! Lugger pistols have an SV of 0, RF 2, have an effective range of 20 and a long range of 30, and have the Limited Ammo attribute