Freeborn domari

Domari Household Troops

Freeborn domari forming a defensive perimeter

Combat Level: Tactical

Where: Antares Rulebook

Domari are soldiers of the domas, the clan or family, household troops rather than guard. They are best regarded as a militia rather than professionals like the vardanari, as they are part of a general levy rather than permanent, trained force. Nonetheless, they are typically armoured with reflex armour and have effective – though easier to produce – weapons in the form of mag guns, mag pistols and some even carry micro-X-launchers. Occasionally, a squad leader will have a plasma carbine – no doubt he was elected or made squad leader because he had access to the weapon!

All Freeborn households (domas) are subject to the general levy in times of war or even to fulfil the necessary roles of explorers, garrison troops and ship crews. Domari infantry squads are equipped at their own expense, or that of their families, so the appearance and quality of armour, clothing and weaponry often varies.

In use, they are more fragile than equivalent Algoryn AI Squads, but tend to have more troopers in a squad. Their equipment is largely similar, however, so if protected well thay can survive for some time and prove to be an annoyance to the opposition.

Trooper Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Squad Leader with mag pistol and reflex armour 5 5 5 5(6) 7 8 Leader
Household trooper with mag gun and reflex armour 5 5 5 5(6) 7 8

The majority of troopers carry mag guns because they are effective, practical and durable, requiring little by way of complicated maintenance. In addition to Mag Guns, Domari squads commonly include a trooper armed with a magnetic launcher – a Micro-X launcher – whose role is to give covering fire and deal with enemy sheltering behind cover. Leaders tend to carry Mag or Plasma Pistols, while some favour Mag Guns or even a Plasma Carbine.

The Domari are the staple of the Freeborn Garrison forces, those troops or levy sent in to hold a planet after the better-equipped vardanari and combat elements have moved on to another contract.

Domari in store

Domari are available in a metal squad box or as individual metal troopers, or as an individual plastic sprue or a box with two plastic sprues.

Metal domari squad box

Plastic domari two-squad box