Freeborn Feral Warrior Showcase

We received a request for a showcase article on some of the amazing converted models for Freeborn Feral Warriors. So we thought we would oblige and gather the wondrous models all in one place as a source of inspiration for others. Please note that the backgrounds presented below are unofficial and are presented for inspiration!

The Freeborn recruit warriors from less technologically advanced planets; sometimes called Feral worlds. The most famous are those from the planet Mhagris,who serve under House Oszoni. However, there are many such warrior groups from a number of planets across the determinate. Many players have converted or modified figures to create their own feral units and to reflect some of the diversity of Antarean space.

Stuart Jordan, Lea Davidson, and Thomas Kjellberg have all created some great figures and were happy to share them.

Stuart Jordan

Stuart Jordan combined several different plastic components for his Ferals. They have Fireforge Sergeant bodies and cloaks, with Gripping Beast Saxon and Viking heads. The arms are from the Concord set, with a mix of Concord and Algoryn weapons. The Domari leader’s head is from Statuesque Miniatures.

Stuart Jordan's feral warriors
Stuart Jordan’s feral warriors from Erex VI receive orders from a Domari Leader before a general advance on an enemy stronghold.

Thomas Kjellberg

Thomas used Mantic Games Naiads as the base models. They were then simply armed with metal Freeborn Mag Guns, except the leader who has an Isorian Plasma gun and a Isorian Spotter drone.

They represent feral warriors from an as yet undisclosed world, who are commonly referred to as Merborn. They are usually found supporting Isorian incursions in the northern part of the Spill, equipped with Isorian plasma and drone technology as well as mag weapons from a number of different sources.

Thomas Kjellborg's merborn feral warriors

Thomas Kjellborg's merborn feral warriors 2
Thomas Kjellborg’s merborn feral warriors
Thomas Kjellborg's merborn feral warriors 3

Lea Davidson

Lea has used Woodland Indians from Warlord Games as the base for his Feral warriors. To reflect armoured Feral warriors he also converted some Algoryn Armoured Infantry. The bases are dotted with various creatures to reflect his House’s background.

As relatively small players among the Freeborn, Vardos Gagathax have survived by exploiting a niche market. They trade in all things relating to hunting: exotic game animals (often genetically modified), management of game reserves, hunting lodges, weaponry, traps, equipment and hunters. One of the Gagathax’s most sought-after commodities are feral warriors styled on a nation from ancient Earth. Around 600 years ago, the Vard of the time acquired an ancient data crystal dating from the Xon times (4th Age). Amongst other images was a grainy, looping video depicting primitive warriors. The Vard did not know whether or not these warriors were from Earth. Regardless, he based a marketing strategy on the association and had his largest herd of warriors trained to imitate the people in the ancient clip.Within a couple of generations, the tribe believed their appearance and equipment had always been this way. The Vard sold and leased “Warriors from Old Earth” at a premium. Whether or not his customers believed this tribe had survived for seven ages doesn’t matter – the gimmick was a huge success and remains so to this day.

Most ferals of Vardos Gagathax hail from this artificial tribe and are equipped accordingly. In most battles, the ferals are also armed with mag guns. Some of the more promising warriors are given Algoryn-style reflex armour which is customised with tribal accoutrements.

Lea Davidson's ferals 1
Lea Davidson’s Vardos Gagathax ‘Warriors from Old Earth’ exploring a colony

Vardos Gagathax ferals face some Concord

Lea Davisons Feral Elite
The elite of the ‘Warriors from Old Earth’ transmatting down to a new battlezone

Lea Davisons Feral Elite 2
Lea’s elite coming up in support

Lea Davisons 'Warriors from Old Earth' Ferals
The ‘Warriors from Old Earth’ showing their ferocity

Lea Davisons 'Warriors from Old Earth' elite ferals
The armoured elite of the ‘Warriors from Old Earth’ moving into position