Freeborn Ferals (Mhagris)

Feral Mhagris

Combat Level: Tactical

Where: Antares Rulebook

Freeborn not only use their household domari and elite vardanari, but also enlist troops from more primitive worlds that have only just come into contact with the Antarean transport nexus. One such world is Mhagris, one of the most valuable worlds controlled by House Oszon. It is home to scalding deserts, ancient ruins of fallen cities, sparse cactus‐like vegetation and a feral population of humans of the most savage and barbaric kind. The planet is also host to native creatures creatures including predatory skarks (tr. ‘flying beasts’, sometimes with connotations of danger) and gigantic grip worms capable of pulling a man down to his death beneath the sand. Mhragris is well hidden, the gateway lying very low in the Antarean photosphere beneath the level of safe submergence (the so‐called critical point).

Ferals form a backbone in some Freeborn armies and are ignored by others. Adventurer forces rarely use them, preferring to rely on the more stable domari and vardanari. Stretched frontier or garrison forces sometimes have no choice but to take locals, train them in the use of advanced weaponry and field them as feral units in their patrol forces. They typically have little or no armour – or, at least, armour that cannot reflect the potency of Antarean armour.

Trooper Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Feral Leader with mag pistol 5 5 5 5 7 7 Leader
Feral Fighter with mag gun 5 5 5 5 7 7

The leader can be equipped with a plasma pistol, mag gun or even a plasma carbine reflecting his superior status within iteh Mhagris.  One fighter can be given a micro-X – a useful addition for overhead fire – and the unit can even be equipped with reflex armour.

The most controversial upgrade to the unit is the implantation of soma grafts. These are literally a mind-altering implants that reroute the connections in the brain, suppressing fear. The practice is viewed with distaste by many in the civilised factions and also has a drawback: occasionally it malfunctions and the ferals so equipped become uncontrollable!

Mhagris in store

Mhagris are currently available as individual models or in a squad box, as well is in army deals. Using the weapon sprues available (see the Freeborn page), many players have converted the Mhagris or other figures into their own ferals! Feral Tamalair (mentioned in The Chryseis Shard) are not yet available.