Freeborn Misgenic Rejects

Freeborn Misgenic Rejects

Combat Level: Auxiliary

Where: Core rulebook

The misgenics are amongst the most pitied people – or creatures – in Antarean space. The product of illegal, genetic experiments by rogue and despised NuHu, they are sometimes forced to fight in the armies of the less ethically-minded Freeborn forces. They are not a human morph but the tragic and sinister consequences of inhuman experimentation, quite literally rejects – the failures and the discarded remnants of chimeric genetic manipulation combining human and all manner of natural and artificially engineered genes.

Misgenic creatures are attempts to create new races, powerful soldiers, great minds and willing slaves. Rejects are the twisted failures of their master’s art with bizarrely shaped and bestial bodies, misshapen limbs and clawed fingers more like animals than humans. They are poor and tragic things, neither human nor beast, whose sorry fate is to be expended in battle merely to distract, confuse and repel the enemy.

In-game , they can only be taken with their controlling NuHu. Their core stats are baseline panhuman, but the player can pick a trait from 10 available and then roll randomly for two more – so the chances of two reject squaads on the table being the same are extremely slim! Such traits may increase strength or speed, or even give them strange attacks and defenses such as belching acid or being extraordinarily malodorous.

In store

Misgenic Rejects A

Misgenic Rejects B

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