Freeborn Solar Command Skimmer

Solar Command Skimmer

Combat Level: Strategic

Where: Chryseis Shard, p.66

The Solar Skimmer is a reconstructed Concord Transporter Drone designed to carry a human crew and configured for alternative manual operation. In practice it is a drone vehicle with crew override capabilities,  designed to act as a mobile vehicle headquarters.

As with practically all Freeborn equipment there is little standardisation. The Solar Skimmer can be found in unarmed variants, although most are provided with a crew operated light support weapon. One of the most common types adds multiple firing mag launchers in a rack on either side of the crew compartment, giving the vehicle a further role as a mobile support weapon under the direct control of the commander.

In action

Based on the T7 type transporter drone, this is a MOD2  command vehicle. Armed with a mag light support or plasma light support for an infantry support role (or for use against Ghar!), the vehicle can also be fitted with a mag launcher rack, effectively multiple X-Launchers in one. If need be, it can even launch special munitions to act as a mobile, longer-range fire platform. Equipped with a spotter, for defense, it can also be accompanied by a batter drone and shield drones.

Vehicle Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Solar Command Skimmmer with mag light support 5 6 1 13 8 8 Command, Follow, leader 2, Large

Assembly Instructions

The Command skimmer is plastic, resin and metal and will need polystyrene cement (glue) and, ideally, superglue. Instructions are in the box but can also be found here.

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