Freeborn Striker Attack Skimmer

Freeborn StrikerAttack Skimmer

Combat Level: Support

Where: Antares Rulebook

The Striker Attack Skimmer is a two man transporter that emulates aspects of Concord drone design. It is similar in concept and appearance to many civilian skimmers found throughout Antarean space and in concept to the much-feared Algoryn Avenger Attack Skimmer. Concord military regard such machines as too vulnerable and therefore too great a risk for their crew and therefore have traded this technology with the more flamboyant Freeborn.

The Striker is a general type of vehicle, the appearance of which can vary to some extent. Its outer panels serve as fixed points for the vehicle’s hyperlight armour carrier nodes but are otherwise cosmetic. The machine is buoyed upon powerful suspensors providing the Striker with a high degree of manoeuvrability as well as an effective means of low speed propulsion. Reaction thrusters augmented by suspensors are used to attain higher speeds.

Like the Avenger, it is ideal as a strike weapon in light units or as a support weapon in heavier units and takes a vital role in Freeborn Raider parties.  The Striker is tough, at Res 11, with a composite skin and reflex armour for the machine and the crew, with an option for a hyperlight upgrade to Res 12. Being MOD2, it can move far in a single turn, or as fast as infantry can run and still shoot.

The skimmer is equipped with either the lethal plasma light support or a plasma cannon. The latter is a good option for the unit as it makes for speedy, anti-tank or anti-combat drone weapon redeployment, but the former is an extraordinarily useful, general-purpose weapon. A spotter buddy drone is an important addition if taking the cannon, and a batter drone can help protect the Striker even more.

Striker Attack Skimmer (Vehicle Unit) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Attack Skimmer with Plasma Light Support* 5 5 5 11 7 8 MOD2, Large
* Plasma Cannon. The Striker can also be upgraded with a HL Booster which increases its Res to 12.

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