Freeborn vardanari


Freeborn Vardanari

Combat Level: Tactical

Where: Antares Rulebook

Vardanari are the elite infantry of the Freeborn houses, differing from the domari in that they are professional soldiers used as guards, bodyguards, field troops or anything else a professional soldier might be called upon to do.  They are armed with plasma carbines, have access to spotter and synchroniser drones and can even take booster drones to enhance their normal reflex armour and impact cloaks.

Though lighter than equivalent troops in the Algoryn Prosperate and IMTel nations,  the vardanari still pack as much firepower as, say, a C3 Strike Squad. The leader has an X-sling and has the option to take SlingNet ammo and the use of a booster drone pulls the squad’s Res up to something approaching a Concord or Isorian squad. Indeed, in hand-to-hand combat, the vardanarii are likely to come off better than their counterparts as the Impact Cloaks they wear extend the reflex core’s field across its surface, allowing  the sink mass a better chance of absorbing the effects of close-in hits.

Trooper Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Vardanari Leader with plasma carbine, X-sling, reflex armour, impact cloak 5 5 5 5(6) 7 8 Leader
Vardanari Guard with plasma carbine, reflex armour, impact cloak 5 5 5 5(6) 7 8

Vardanari in store

Vardanari are currently available as individual models or in a squad box, as well is in army deals.