Freelance Combat Engineers

Freelance Combat Engineers

Freelance Combat Engineers
Freelance Combat Engineers

Combat Level: Auxiliary [Mercenary for Hire]

Substitutes for: Auxiliary non-Command entry as a Mercenary for Hire
Usable by: Any panhuman faction (e.g. excludes Ghar)
Limitations: Unique – one per army. Freelance Boromites are a rare breed. Cannot be used in an army that contains any other Boromites.

Where: Nexus, in the Freelance Boromite Engineers PDF

Boromites are renowned as the quintessential combat engineers in Antarean Space. In fact, their capabilities at building, mining and maintaining their equipment in the face of all adversary is legendary. Such a reputation means other engineers often do not get a look-in, even when they are just as capable as the Boromites. The Freelance Combat Engineers squads are independents who take advantage of that reputation to sell their services at vastly inflated prices.

Whilst the Boromite clans sometimes loan out their field engineer units under the watchful eye of an Overseer or Rock Father, there are a few other Boromites who chafe at the restrictions imposed by a formal clan mercenary company and by the guilds. These Boromites establish small family units (Boromites could not work without their family) and hire themselves out as builders and engineers wherever they can. These families are dependent on the Freeborn for transportation between contracts and do not have a permanent residence, some even living in old haulers or converted ore pods, staying in the pods in the holds of transports when carried to their new assignments.

These small, family units often take advantage of the Boromite reputation to serve as demolition experts and combat engineers in the hard-pressed forces of other factions. Lacking the emotional and material support of a full clan, however, such freelancers are not particularly loyal to their employer, and neither are they as reliable as the regular Boromite Engineers. Occasionally a disillusioned, grizzled veteran might join one of the family units and lead one of the engineering squads, helping its survivability and boosting its morale.

Freelance Boromite Combat Engineers
Freelance Boromite Combat Engineers

Freelance Boromite Combat Engineers (Infantry) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
2-3 × Engineers with reflex armour, plasma pistol 4 5 6 6(7) 6 8 Breaching Kit
Borer Drone Buddy Drone
[Upgrade 1 to] Grizzled Veteran Engineer with reflex armour, plasma pistol 4 5 6 6(7) 6 9 Leader

Leader is found in the core rulebook. Breaching Kit can be found in The Dronescourge Returns and provides bonuses to breaching attempts


The equipment carried by the Freelance Combat Engineers is nowhere near as well-maintained as their clan-supported counterparts. Having limited access to a clan’s medical facilities, they are dependent on armour and protection to ensure their longevity so all have reflex implants and hand weapons, at least, and never leave for a conflict without a defensive borer drone. They do not have access to advanced demolition equipment such as fractal charges and tend to find their auto workshops fail quickly without ready access to critical replacement components. However, the breaching and demolitions equipment they have is more than satisfactory to help in their normal role as demolitions experts.

The unit can take an additional borer drone, a batter drone and a spotter as well as the deadly anti-matter containment vessels known as vorpal charges.  It may also carry implosion grenades and be quipped with tractor mauls in addition to plasma pistols.

In store

The Freelance Engineer Squad can be created from the Boromite Engineer Squad set.

Boromites Engineer squad
Boromites Engineer squad in store