Showcase: Isorian Gallery

Ever since the first concept sketches and sculpts were previewed way-back-when, the Isorians have caused a tremendous hubub amongst the wargaming community. After the first few community armies started taking shape we saw that all had drastically different colour schemes… much to the glee of the game’s creator, Rick Priestley, and his minions here at Warlord HQ. So we collected some, and sent some of the minions out to scour Facebook. In addition to the special Isorian showcases featured here, on the Nexus, we’ve gathered together a few as a launchpad…

Bill Tegeler

Bill Tegeler Isorians
Bill Tegeler’s Isorians

Bill Tegeler’s Oxyo Isorians features in their own showcase, here on the Nexus!

Matt Houghton

Matt Houghton Isorians 1
Matt Houghton Isorians 3

Helge Hel

Joakim Sundh

Joakim Sundh Isorian

There are other showcase galleries to be seen: Ian Ackerman and his 66th Nomads, James Wappel, and Jez Allum’s glowing Isorians.