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Welcome to the Nexus, the heart of the Beyond the Gates of Antares game for 28mm SF miniatures from Rick Priestley and Warlord Games.

The links below take you to the most important information on the Antares Nexus, from official rules updates and army lists to background information on each of the factions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, try the menus at the top or most recent articles to the right, or the tag cloud or, if all else fails, try the “Ask IMTel” search function.  If you’re completely new, a great place to start is the faction overview page.

Since the game was first launched, there has been a few errata and rules amendments, the latter driven by play experience.The key PDFs are on Rules Central which contains links to everything important about the rules, the FAQ, the living FAQs, Quick Reference sheets and the free Antares Base One core rules PDF!

The core Army Lists are available FREE as downloadable PDFs via the regularly updated PDF Army List page. The page includes links to the store (so you can be informed when changes are made) plus any additional or special Army Lists such as the Freeborn Garrison Patrol List and the Algoryn Drop Troops list.

There are currently seven factions in the Beyond the Gates of Antares game, with more to come in the future. There is a faction overview that gives a summary and flavour of each faction, and the follow pages give much more details information on each. alterantively, click on the faction logo below.


Concord Freeborn Isorian Algoryn Boromites Ghar Empire Ghar Rebels Virai Dronescourge
Algoryn Icon Virai Logo Drop Shadow

As well as in the Beyond the Gates of Antares Rulebook, scenarios can be found in Battle for Xilos and The Chryseis Shard supplements and in the scenarios menu entries. We are in the process of uploading more, and the PDF mini-books of the winner of our scenario competition, ‘Raiders of Bronnvar’ is due soon. Either click on the image above, or try selecting  the Scenarios category on the Nexus.

There is also a page containing links to the PDF downloads created to support the supplements.

Personal ShardsIn addition to all the official material and community-submitted modelling material and scenarios, we intend to provide a place for fan-created material. This includes personal army lists, models, races, history, articles, play aids or anything else that players may find interesting. To ensure it is understood to be ‘unofficial’ (though it may well exist within the 5.5 million systems of Antares), such material is tagged with the label ‘Personal Shards‘.

If you want to write anything for the Nexus, from showcasing your army to an article or tested ideas for Personal Shards, do look up our guidelines and get in touch!