Ghar Battle Suits and Assault Squads

Ghar Battle Suit and Assault Suit squads

<em>Ghar Battle Suit</em>Combat Level: Tactical (Empire, Exile), Support (Rebel)

Where: Core Rulebook, Battle for Xilos (Rebel), The Dronescourge Returns (Exile)

The spiteful, war-like Ghar are small, repulsive creatures with hunched torsos, spindly arms and bow legs – but they are rarely seen out of their huge, armoured battle suits. Ghar battle suits form the core of the Ghar Empire army and are used by all Ghar wherever they can. Indeed, it seems that the battle and assault troopers are the elite of the Ghar forces: tough, powerful and dangerous.

The battle suits (sometimes battlesuits) come in two flavours: ‘ordinary’ Battle squads and Assault squads. The former are equipped with scourer cannons and the latter with gougers and short-range, assault weapons (see below). Both types have ‘special’ attributes give the troopers their distinctive look and feel:

  • Large: The troopers can see and be seen over units of smaller stature (and be shot at over them!)
  • Scramble Proof: The suits are primitive by IMTel standards, so are unaffected by advanced countermeasures such as Scramble munitions
  • Plasma Reactor: The power source is a little raw and primitive, such that when a suit is hit by a lucky shot the power plant could explode, setting off a chain reaction down the rest of the unit. Not nice!

Occasionally, equipment will vary, but the basic stat line for each trooper is the following:

Trooper Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
Battle Trooper with scourer cannon 3 5 10 4(12) 7 7 Large, Scramble Proof, Plasma Reactor
Assault Trooper with gouger gun, disruptor discharger, plasma claw 3 5 10 4(12) 7 7 Large, Scramble Proof, Plasma Reactor

<em>Ghar Assault Suit</em>The scourer cannon is a core weapon of the Ghar war machine, able to fire in multiple modes and launch the terrifying, space-distorting disruptor bomblets. The Assault troopers gouger gun is specifically designed to send other troops to the floor, though is notoriously inaccurate and cannot be used within 10″, and their plasma claw is a fearsome weapon in hand to hand combat. The disruptor discharger launches miniature bomblets when the troop enters hand to hand, causing damage just like any other of the feared disruptor ammunitions.

The plasma claw is sometimes seen on battle suits, though mostly on commanders and their personal bodyguard. We have an article explaining Ghar and Rebel weapons.

The following upgrades are key:

  • Plasma Amplifier: This gives the troopers a temporary, extra order dice making them a MOD unit
  • Plasma Dump: When the unit goes Down, it releases a wave of noxious, superheated plasma that affects units around it

Assembly, painting, customising

There are a number of articles on painting and modifying Ghar battlesuits. Two we particularly like are a conversion of a damaged battlesuit by Nicky Gardiner and a step-by-step guide by Andy Singleton of Volleyfire.  There is also a large-scale, three-stage Ghar assembly guide. Off-Nexus, we also have a fast-forward assembly video by fan Matt Schreiber in Rocky’s War Room Ghar Battlesuit Assembly.

The Tabletop Warlords have a youtube video about using Assault Suits. The updated rules for assault troops they mention are here: Games Day Rules Modifications.

In store

The battlesuits are available in-store in indiviual plastic squads, occasionally as separate sprues in the warlord sales, and regularly in army deals such as the starter army. A Rebel Commander variant is also available (in addition to Fartok) as well as an upgrade pack to customise your Rebels or Exiles – or, indeed, any figure you wish to stand out from the rest.

WGA-GAR-02 Ghar Battle Squad WGA-GAR-06 Ghar Assault Squad
Ghar Outcast Rebel Commander in Battle Armour

503015019 Ghar Rebel Battlesuit add-on pack
Ghar Rebel/Exile Battlesuit add-on pack – also includes four new sensor ‘heads’

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Some of the original renders and videos are still surviving from way back, so we’ve placed them here as an insight into the development.