Ghar Flitters

Ghar Flitters

Combat Level: Auxiliary

Where: Core Rulebook (Flitters), Battle for Xilos (Rebels)

Ghar Flitters are not probes in the same way as those of advanced Antarean societies such as the Concord. Flitters are tiny fragile flying cameras with mechanical wings a little like a bat. They fly in a jerky, irregular manner and are attracted towards movement, but are not even remotely intelligent machines. They broadcast pictures that can be picked up by Ghar battesuit and vehicle interfaces, giving Ghar troops a glimpse of the battlefield from the flitter’s perspective.

On the table, they move at 15″ and give the opportunity of a +1 bonus to Acc for any direct fire weapon using them. The problem is that they are erratic, only working 50% of the time and that within 5″ of enemy. Their advantage over other probes, however, is that common to many machines of Ghar manufacture: they are Scramble Proof, immune to the effects of Scramble munitions.

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