Ghar Outcast Rebel Support Weapons

Ghar Rebel Hybrid Support Weapons

Combat Level: Tactical

Where: Battle for Xilos, p.75

The Ghar Rebels are forced to ‘make do and mend’ and it is Fartok’s brilliance that has led them to scavenge what they can from their defeated foes – or from transports they raid for food and whatever they can find. Their shortages have led to the hybridisation of Ghar technology with other technology producing a variety of, well, ‘interesting’ walkers.

Admittedly, their achievements are modest compared to the technical sophistication of the rest of Antarean space, however, for a Ghar any kind of innovation is unprecedented as they are hard-wired to respond to un-Gharlike behaviour and technology with revulsion bordering upon phobia (most Ghar find even the sight of degenerate humans sickening). Algoryn weaponry is favoured for this hybridisation because it is constructed with almost unbreakable nano-envelopment that can resist the corrosive radiation that is a common feature of Ghar power plants; Concord equipment, often constructed with access to full and effective shard integration, is much more susceptible to degeneration.

The most successful of these are the light support walkers: Mag Light Support, Mag Cannon and the Quad mag repeater.

The mag light support gun – often abbreviated to Mag LS or MLS – is a long-ranged rapid firing weapon that is commonly used by support units of Boromite and Algoryn forces amongst others…until the Rebel Ghar got their hands on it! It is a larger and more powerful rapid-firing version of the standard mag gun, all of which use magnetic pulses to propel a burst of metallised spikes or slivers along parallel rails causing each missile to accelerate rapidly. The mag cannon operates on similar principles, though with ammunition that collapses space within its target. The basic technology is what makes both these weapons dependable and rugged, perfect when you can’t manufacture your own and have to scavenge anything you can.

Less dependable is the Quad Mag Repeater, literally the assembly of four mag repeaters onto a single platform to provide (hopefully) a withering hail of fire. In practice, the weapons are less than fully effective, likely to jam and producing a random amount of shots each turn (RF D8).

The principle advantage to a Rebel player is that all these support weapons, like the disruptor cannon, are counted as tactical options – so several can be taken. Given that they have the ‘Rebel’ special attribute, this means they can ignore a pin if other rebels are within 5″ – and with so many, friends are in plentiful supply! The team can also be equipped with scavenged reflex armour at minimal extra cost – probably worth it given the Ghar’s fragillity outside their suits.

An overview of Ghar and Rebel weapons can be found in this article.

Rebel Weapon Team (Weapon Team) Ag Acc Str Res Init Co Special
2-4 x Rebel Crew 6 5 3 4 6 6 Rebel
0-1 x Rebel Leader with Maglash 6 5 3 4 7 7 Leader, Rebel

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